14 Bollywood Celebrities who transformed their weight for their Characters!

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Bollywood industry is a vast arena of exploring one self to an extent where actors themselves undergo various challenges to make the best out of every opportunity they get. This list provides names of some of the top actors who underwent transformation in weight (putting it on or loosing it) to play the characters given for the movie. Check them out!

14 Bollywood Celebrities who transformed their weight for their Characters! B-Town is an ever-growing industry and with the rapid expansion of filmmaking concepts and ideas, actors always have to be ready to fit into any role they are presented with. Be it acquiring a V-shape six-pack abs figure or a slim zero size figure, actors have to rise to the occasion and bring a drastic change in their physical appearance every now and then.

Today we will have a look at some of the most shocking transformations that our beloved celebs have achieved to fit into a role presented to them!

Aamir Khan – Dangal

In the 90’s Aamir was the household face for a lover boy character. With his charming smile and his childlike facial features, no one would have thought that he would bring about such a rigorous change in his persona. For his film Dangal, the actor had to put on 25 kilos and develop a paunch. Them he had to lose it five months’ time to fit into the character of his younger self in the movie. Talk about a transformation

Bhumi Pednekar – Dum Lagake Haisha

14 Bollywood Celebrities: This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Bhumi Pednekar who put on more than 20 kilos in just 6 months. She claims to have done this by gorging on butter chicken, dal makhana and other fatty food on a regular basis. She went all in and won many hearts with her portrayal of the character in the film. Later on, she lost 30 kilos in just under 4 months by regular workout and eating homemade food.

Rajkummar Rao – Trapped and Bose

Rajkummar Rao is entitled as the method actor of Bollywood. He completely gets into the role he plays and thinks about nothing else other than playing his part perfectly. For his film ‘Trapped’, he had to look frail and famished, to achieve this he survived on a diet of one cup of black coffee and 2 carrots for a whole month. Needless to say, he looked exactly like the part demanded him to be. For his film Bose he had to put on 11 kilos which he achieved by the routine intake of carbs, sweets and oily food.

Kriti Sanon – Mimi

14 Bollywood Celebrities: Kriti is known as one of Bollywood’s slimmest and naturally lean actresses. For her most recent role in the Netflix movie ‘Mimi’, she had to put on 15 kilos to fit the role of a surrogate mother. She fit the role perfectly as the movie is receiving positive reviews from all over and she so is her performance. Who better than her to explain how she did it, here’s what she said in an interview- ‘For me, putting on so many kilos is actually challenging as it’s very new for my body. I have to in a way fight my metabolism and increase my calorie intake to gain that much weight in a short time. She then went on to lose those 15 kilos during the lockdown.

Farhan Akhtar – Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Toofan

Farhan Akhtar’s performance in these movies, he did put on both weight and lost it too. The role required him to be quite fit physically as he had to run laps after laps on the track. It is said that he was trained by famous fitness expert Samir Jaura for 13 months to fit into this role. As a part of his transformation routine, he did 2500-3000 crunches, leg raises, side bends and pushups daily to achieve his eight-pack abs. For his lower body he did squats, lunges, jump squats and calf raises and many more exercises. Alongside all of this, he was on a liquid diet for weeks before the shooting for this movie began. In Toofan too, he challenged himself to fit into the role by both gaining and losing weight.

Shradhha Kapoor- Haseena Parkar

For her crime thriller, Haseena Parkar released in 2017, Shraddha did put on weight to fit into the character of the movie. In an interview, Shraddha said, “I tried my best to gain weight and I managed to gain seven-eight kilos. We took the help of prosthetics to make me look like Haseena Parkar.”

Hrithik Roshan – War

Hrithik is known as one of the fittest actors in all of Bollywood. He can light any stage on fire with his killer dance moves and superb charisma. However, in 2019 he signed a project with YRF for which he considered himself to be unfit. He wanted to have to be in perfect shape before he stepped into the shoes of his character Kabir, who was an army veteran. He trained tirelessly as he had gotten really out of shape and had a huge slip disk issue. Hrithik overcame all the obstacles and regained his once lost physic to rival that of his fellow co-star Tiger Shroff.

Vidya Balan – The Dirty Picture

Vidya Balan had to put on a lot of weight for one of her most applaud roles. While ‘The Dirty Picture’ was a monumental piece in Vidya’s career, she had to put in a huge amount of effort for the film. She had apparently gained 12 kilos to resemble the infamous, Silk Smitha.

Priyanka Chopra

14 Bollywood Celebrities: The international sensation, Priyanka Chopra has a huge number of transformation roles in her repertoire. However, it’s her film ‘Mary Kom’ that really put her through the wringer. To horde the mantel of the great Mary Kom, Priyanka definitely needed some boxing classes. But that’s not all, Priyanka had to lift tyres, run for miles. She also had to do gruelling workouts and maintain a strict diet. In the past, she also had to gain a few kilos. For one of her roles in ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’ as an aged lady.

Alia Bhatt- SOTY

Before entering Bollywood, Alia Bhat wasn’t this fit or slim. For her film Student of the year, Alia had to lose 16 kilos in just a few months’ time. Alia achieved this through hard training sessions and a strict diet. She used to weigh 68 kilos at one point in time. And now she is the role model for fitness and glamour in the Bollywood industry.

Sonakshi Sinha- Dabanng

Sonakshi Sinha, for her debut ‘Dabanng’, had to take up a challenge of a lifetime. She weighed over 90 kilos when she initially signed the film and decided to get fit. In a span of just 4 months, Sonakshi lost 30 kilos. With an extremely controlled diet and rigorous exercise, she was able to achieve this feat. And since then, she has lost even more weight and has never let figure get out of her hands.

Arjun Kapoor

Being a star kid, it was always Arjun’s dream to one day become an actor. But he was extremely overweight and unfit to be signed in any movie. He then took a conscious decision to lose weight and change his unhealthy eating habits. With proper diet, meditation and extreme workout sessions, he managed to lose 50 kilos! That is truly a praiseworthy transformation.

Kareena Kapoor – Tashaan

It is really a shocker that the poster girl for size zero can be on this list. It is true that before her debut in Bollywood, Bebo was quite a chubby girl. She was never really into fitness, rather she was more into acting and had immense admiration for Bollywood. Her jaw-dropping figure in ‘Tashaan’ had the whole country going gaga over her. She said that most of her physical attributes are as such due to her strict diet and Power yoga. She considers power yoga to be her ultimate weapon. And by its powers, she lost 20 kilos to attain the fabled ‘Zero Figure’.

Ranbir Kapoor- Sanju

14 Bollywood Celebrities: To play the muscular Sanjay Dutt, Ranbir Kapoor had to add size to his body. He went from a lanky 70kg to a buff 85kg for his role in a span of 6-8 months. According to Ranbir’s trainer, he spent almost an hour at the gym. And worked hard to make him fit into this role. He had 8-10 meals a day which included both solid food and shakes. Through his commendable performance in Sanju, it was one of the highest hits at the box office. Sanju also gained popularity among the audience in 2018.

So, these are some of the actors who underwent a massive transformation in relevance to their weights. Most importantly to fit into these specific roles for the movie. It isn’t really easy but when it comes to passion and dedication for one’s profession, these stories are highly inspiring!

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