14 Flop Bollywood Movies That Were Actually Great Deserving Movies

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Bollywood is an unpredictable industry even for veterans. The outcome of the success of the movie can’t be predicted unless it really wins the heart of the audience and rules the box office. Just like the massive hit ones, there are some extreme flops that deserve greater recognition than they receive!

14 Flop Bollywood Movies That Were Actually Great Deserving Movies. Bollywood is a place where a variety of films release every year. While It’s been a rough year for several big-budget films. That has yet to see the light of the day owing to the closure of theatres, plenty of refreshingly original and quality movies made their long-awaited debut.

There are good films then there are even better ones. Sometimes the even better ones are swept under the rug or stacked below a glut of average and overhyped movies that grace the screens every year. Here is a list of few such movies which where all masterpieces in their own right but were plagued by poor reception. In our society there are films which generally uphold a very good content, usually are un noticed and there by don’t do well at the box office records.

14 Flop Bollywood Movies That Were Actually Great Deserving Movies. But, this list of movies are truly those great films which were flops but are a must watch for any movie lover.

1) Jagga Jasoos

14 Flop Bollywood Movies: Released in 2017, this movie was one of the most awaited ones. This movie was filmed for almost three years. The movie is about Join Jagga, a gifted teenage detective, along with his female companion. Is on a quest to find his missing father. The movie stars Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif in lead roles. After the release of the film, everyone thought it would be a hit, it only did well for a few weeks after its release and gradually it saw a massive decline throughout the rest of its screening.

Made on a budget of Rs. 131 Crore the film had a total worldwide collection of only Rs. 87 Crore. The film was a flop at the box office and was a huge disappointment in Ranbir’s career. This is one of those films which had great music and there were huge promotions for the movie. During the filming of the movie, the breakup between Ranbir and Katrina is the hype. As per reports. One of the reasons behind the flop was that this film was promoted too much like a children’s centric film which caused it to do good business only in the metro cities.

2) Nayak

‘Nayak’ is one of those films that is seen on television even to this day. Released in 2001, the story is about a man who accepts a challenge by the chief minister of Maharashtra to run the state for one day and make such a success of it that soon he is embroiled in political intrigue. This film was a flop at the box office. Made on a budget of 21 Crore, its total gross collection was 18 Crore and was declared a flop. This 18 Crore was divided between the entertainment tax and the shares of the distributor from the total collection. More than the theaters, Nayak became more popular on television.

3) Shahid

Released in 2012, Shahid is a movie on the account of a Human rights lawyer Shahid Azmi, an ordinary citizen with an extraordinary commitment to justice. Rajkkumar rao is Shahid Azmi in the movie. The movie had a budget of Rs. 5.5 Crore and its total gross collection was 2.74 Crore which was a total flop as per the box office collections. Despite getting good reviews from the critics, the audience preferred watching Akshay Kumar’s ‘Boss’ over ‘Shahid’.

4) City Lights

‘City Lights’ is the story of a family who migrates from Rajasthan to Mumbai and the struggle they face right after it. The movie is like the city of Mumbai: It beats you down, and when you’re broken it embraces you in its open arms. Rajkkumar Rao and Patralekha drink a concoction of pain and suffering prepared by the director to hit a hard-hitting tale.

5) 13B

Still today, Bollywood lacks original horror movies. The audience only gets to watch those horror movies inspired by Hollywood. Stories often exaggerate and made melodramatic. 13B stands out as a horror film. 13B is a story about a man who experiences a supernatural occurrence at his newly purchased apartment. The movie also shows a soap opera telecasted exclusively on his T.V which shows the future of his family. The movie had a budget of 12 Crore and made a gross collection of only 10 Crore. Released in 2009 the movie received good reviews from everywhere but declared a flop at the box office.

6) Guzaarish

14 Flop Bollywood Movies: Released in 2010, Guzaarish is about a magician Ethan rendered paralyzed in an accident, sets of a furore when he makes a petition to the court to end his own life. This was one of Hrithik’s most challenging roles. The storyline was quite different from the mainstream Bollywood movies. The movie also entitled depressive. Hrithik tried his best to promote the film but the movie turned out to be a flop at the box office. The movie had a budget of 70 crores and the gross collection was only 40 Crore.

7) Swadesh

14 Flop Bollywood Movies: Released in 2004, ‘Swadesh’ is a story that revolves around a successful Indian scientist who returns to an Indian village to take his Nani to America with him. And in the process, he re-discovers his routes. This is one of Sharukh’s highly commendable movies. Before ‘Swadesh’, Shahrukh had already delivered 2 hits in the year. The budget of the film RS 22 Crore and had a Gross revenue of only 23 Crore in India.

Those days, SRK was the only actor whose films released overseas. And its overseas collection was only 11 Crores. In comparison to ‘Main Hoon Naa and ‘Veer-Zara’, ‘Swadesh’ had very less collection and therefore declared as a flop. One of the iconic movies, ‘Swadesh’ didn’t receive as much appreciation as it supposed to get in the theatres. What do you think about ‘Swadesh’ as counted as a flop on this list? Drop your answers in the comment section.

8) The Legend of Bhagat Singh

Released in 2002, featuring Ajay Devgn the story is of a young revolutionary who raised an armed resistance against the British rule in India. This film is a quality movie from every angle. After it’s release many of the audience didn’t know much about it and therefore it was declared a huge flop at the box office. Out of 20 Crore the movie only did a business of 12 Crore.

9) Do Dooni Char

‘Do Dooni Char’ is a real as it gets. It follows the story of a family as they try to buy a car. An internal moral conflict arises to accept money unfairly that would facilitate them to finally move up the societal ladder. The movie didn’t do that well at the box office and was declared a flop.

10) Raincoat

‘Raincoat’ starred Aishwarya and Ajay Devgn in lead roles. The movie is largely based on conversations between two estranged lovers on a rainy day in Kolkata. It’s a nuanced story that looks at how people often resort to lies to keep up their social status. It didn’t do that well as it was supposed to and therefore turned out to be a flop at the box office.

11) Tumbbad

This 2018 film is a mythological story about a goddess who created the entire universe. The plot revolves around the consequences of when humans build a temple for their first burn. It is one of those films which have a combined genre of horror, thriller and folk. The movie is seen very little on mainstream platforms. Out of 15 Crore as a budget, its gross collection was 15.40 Crore and is a flop at the box office. ‘Tumbad’ started its shoot about six years before its release.

12) Detective Byomkesh Bakshi

14 Flop Bollywood Movies: This 2015 film starring the late Sushant Singh Rajput, is about a detective who uncovers a larger conspiracy to unsettle Calcutta. Periodical films made in Bollywood generally have higher budgets than the normal ones. But this movie had a budget of just 35 Crores and every aspect of the film was severely notice. It’s a flop with a gross collection of 35 Crores. The expectations and gross collection of the films did not match up as they failed to reach greater heights.

13) Kaamyaab

This 2020 film was too unsuccessful with its collection due to lack of promotion and limelight. Thus, it declared as a flop in the box office. The story of a retired actor who regains his confidence of completing his 500th film in the industry with the drive you crazy with its sense of humour. The movie will also make you emotional. The first-day collection of the movie was 7 Lakhs and the lifetime collections are about 53 lakhs. ‘Kaamyaab’ clashed with the release of ‘Baghi’ 3 which earned almost 53 Crores in the first 3 days of its release. It’s such disappointing to see such records at the box office where talents like Sanjay Mishra aree highly admired for their roles.

14) Sonchiriya

Featuring the late SSR and Bhumi Pednekar in lead roles, the movie revolves around dacoits in the Chambal Valley. Despite getting good reviews, the film couldn’t perform well at the box office so much that the SSR had to request his fans to watch it. However, time is kinder to the film and it is finally seen for its true worth. It’s also a flop at the box office.

14 Flop Bollywood Movies That Were Actually Great Deserving Movies. While it is true that often good movies are suppressed in Bollywood due to inadequacy from the audience or lack of promotion or stellar casts. There are still movies that are huge successes without having a big budget or highly paid actors. To see some of those movies click the link given below.

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