16 Sensational Revelations Of Casting Couch In The Bollywood Film Industry

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In Bollywood, Casting Couch is such an ordinary term, isn’t it? One might think it refers to auditions, or for casting new upcoming aspiring actors. Then we would like to inform you that you are almost on the right track, but that track is a bit darker than you would imagine. Casting Couch, when a person of the higher authority and power like a producer, director or casting director asks for sexual favours in exchange of giving a breakthrough in movies to aspiring, struggling and desperate actors and actresses.

Here is a list of 16 such actors and actresses who have been a victim of the Casting Couch in the Bollywood :

1. Ayushmann Khurrana

Ayushmann Khurrana is a popular and one of the most desired actor in the country currently. He started out as an RJ, then worked in TV as an anchor for quite sometime before making his debut in Bollywood. His acting as well as singing skills are without doubt remarkable and sensational. In an interview Ayushmann revealed that he has too, faced the ‘Casting Couch’. And that the casting couch is in fact a sad reality of the Bollywood Industry.

16 Sensational Revelations Of Casting Couch In The Bollywood Film Industry

Even when he was popular in the small screen, a director had approached him, “if you want to get the lead role then show me your tool”. But Ayushmann couldn’t say “Yes” to the indecent offer as he wanted to make his mark by his own skills and talents. He politely said no to the offer and said that he is straight. Ayushmann is one of the most famous celebrities in India right now, and that’s solely because of his amazing acting and singing skills.

2. Kalki Koechlin

It is a bit controversial whether Kalki Koechlin gave in to the offers made by producers and directors in the past. But she never gives confirmations to these statements and simply states that she was able to avoid the situation.

16 Sensational Revelations Of Casting Couch In The Bollywood Film Industry

Although according to a few sources, Kalki accepted that she slept with her producer and directors to get a chance in Bollywood; but she stopped doing it after she gained recognition. Also, if you didn’t know, Kalki Koechlin is the ex-wife of Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap.

In 2020, during the then-ongoing drug scandal of Bollywood, Payal Ghosh accused Anurag for molesting her when she went to his house to discuss work.

3. Kangana Ranaut

16 Sensational Revelations Of Casting Couch In The Bollywood Film Industry

Kangana is popular, not only for her acting skills and movies, but also because she is an outspoken lady and shares what’s on her mind openly. So one can expected that she would have shared her thoughts on Casting Couch as well. In an interview, Kangana Ranaut revealed that during her struggling period, she had to fornicate with the director. Furthermore she says that if the route of casting couch was so easy, all the women from the red light areas would have become megastars today.

4. Sunny Leone

16 Sensational Revelations Of Casting Couch In The Bollywood Film Industry

When we talk about actresses sleeping with directors or producers for a role, one might think that as Sunny used to work in the porn industry; so she would be open to such offers. However, that’s not the case. Sunny also shared that she was made an offer by a producer to sleep with him, but she rejected the offer.

5. Ranveer Singh

Well, this is totally unexpected, right? How come an actor is facing the casting couch! But like Ayushmann Khurrana, Ranveer too had to see the dark side of the Bollywood Industry. Currently Ranveer is the heartthrob of women across the country; and he has won hearts with his performances in the past as well for his breathtaking skills. He describes that the casting couch is a commonplace for struggling actors.

Even during his struggling times, a man had called him in Andheri, and said that be open to“take and touch” but Ranveer denied him; then the man started bargaining and insisting that if he can only touch or see it. But once again he refused to any of it. Later on when he asked other struggling actors about that man, he found that he had placed this condition in front of others as well.

6. Swara Bhaskar

Swara Bhaskar is yet another strong and outspoken woman in the Bollywood industry. She is very vocal about sensitive issues going on in the industry as well as in the country. The actress has raised her voice on several occasions for the instances like sexual harassment. She is also a victim of the casting couch in Bollywood and has faced a lot of several situations. Swara has lost a lot of movies in the past because she refuses to make compromises. And she will never choose her work over her dignity.

7. Ankita Lokhande

Ankita Lokhande has also come a long way from the small screen to the silver screen, and during her journey, she too had to face the casting couch. She says that a producer wanted to sleep with her, instead of giving her a role. And even when she was doing a movie, a veteran actor made her feel uncomfortable with his touch. She also shared her experience regarding when she was called for South Indian Films. She was about 19 or 20 years old, when a man approached her and asked her to do something compromising. As the producer of the film wanted to get sexually involved with her. But she rejected the offer, and moved on to the small screen.

8. Sherlyn Chopra

Although movie stars and producers avoid talking about the ‘Casting Couch’, but Sherlyn Chopra is definitely different and maybe we can say that she has the guts to talk about it in public; that she has had sexual intercourse with a producer to get a big movie breakthrough.

9. Mamta Kulkarni

Mamta Kulkarni was a popular star during her time, and it’s difficult to not fall for her charms. But who knew that she would have to go through the dark side of Bollywood as well. Popular director like Rajkumar Santoshi was accused of offering Mamta Kulkarni to sleep with him over a compromising matter. But there’s no solid proof in existence about the incident till now.

10. Preeti Jain

Model Preeti Jain had filed a rape case against the very famous filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar; as he allegedly slept with her on a number of occasions in favour of giving her a big movie project and later denied to do so. This incident took place in 2004, and the director denies the claims made against him till date.

11. Geetika Tyagi

Geetika Tyagi accused Subhashish Kapoor of couching her. She says that she is also a victim of the darker side of Bollywood when she first started working. Although the accusation is still treated as a myth, but a footage reveals their conversation. In that clip Geetika talked about how the director was asking her to have sexual relations with her. And the conclusion of it all? Both of them got stuck in the controversy, which took a lot of time to get silenced.

12. Payal Rohatgi

The infamous scandal surrounding Payal Rohatgi was revealed on the reality show, Bigg Boss sets back in 2011.  The incident took place in Shanghai, according to the allegations, filmmaker Dibakar Banerjee was involved with her sexually. Although, Payal Rohatgi accuses the director of inappropriately touching and abusing her, which were contradictory to the sources.

13. Tisca Chopra

Tisca Chopra is a popular actress and an author, who gained popularity from her role in “Taare Zameen Par”, starring Aamir Khan. She has worked in Bollywood for a long time now, and she has also shares her opinions on the casting couch. In fact she revealed that she herself was a victim of it, but somehow “came up with a cunning plan and could escape from the situation.”

14. Surveen Chawla

The Hate Story 2 starrer Surveen Chawla came out as a victim of the casting couch. She says that she has been offered a lo of indecent and inappropriate offers to get a part in the movies. But she never accepted any, and she says that she experienced this in the South Movie Industry.

15. Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant, one of the most popular item girls in the Bollywood Industry has too faced the wrath and negative side of Bollywood. As she is an outspoken woman, she shared her experience regarding the incident. But she says that it isn’t right to say that every producer or director is guilty. Although she learned to say ‘No’ due to these incidents. Furthermore She added that women are exploited in this industry from the beginning, but even men are facing this too.

16. Priyanshu Chatterjee

A former model and Bollywood actor Priyanshu Chatterjee, who gained fame from his movie Tum Bin(2001). He had won millions of hearts with his breathtaking looks and performance. In and interview he too admitted to the fact that he is a victim of the casting couch in Bollwood Industry. is a Bollywood actor and a former model. A director had approached him with sexual favours in exchange for a role, but he replied “I didn’t accept the offer and waited till I got the role with my talent.”

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