6 Lessons we learned from films of Ayushmann Khurrana!

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The king of content-driven films, Ayushmann Khurrana became very popular in recent times due to his superb acting skills and amazing storyline of his films. This Gen-Z actor acquired a place in this generation of viewers’ hearts. This heartthrob actor gave some amazing lessons to society through his films. Let’s look at the lessons we learned from Ayushmann Khurrana’s films:

Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui (2022)

Another recent film, starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Vaani Kapoor brought to us another important message through their excellent film. The film portrays the story of a fitness freak, who falls for a Zumba instructor and both start dating each other. But things take a turn when the bodybuilder discovers that the woman he loves, underwent a sex change operation. He feels ashamed and disgusted for falling in love with a body formerly of a man, and therefore, breaks up with her. The instructor felt humiliated after receiving so much insult and disrespect from her lover. She got abandoned even by her family after deciding to change the sex but reunites with them at the end of the film. She even found her love back, when he realized his mistake and admitted the same. 

The film won plaudits from all over the country and even the LGBTQ community. The public asked the director regarding casting a transgender in Vaani’s role in the film, he replied back saying that such a film came out for the first time in India and therefore, a leading lady appeals more to the public than anyone else. The film opens the doors for many actors and directors to consider making films with such content and message. While in the West, a transgender wins the Golden Globe for a performance, India still remains a bit behind. It’s high time to consider transgenders a part of us, our society and our community. 

Shubh Mangal Savdhaan (2017)

This is the story of a man who proposes to a woman through online mode. But when they meet in person, while performing sexual activities, they realise that he has been dealing with a man’s problem. Ashamed of his problem, he decides to cancel the wedding but the woman, who falls deeply in love with him opposes him. Their families worry a lot because of the man’s erectile dysfunction problem. The families and relatives even convince the couple to perform physical activities in bed a day before the wedding. But they fail to do it. The man takes a stand for the woman against social or family expectations. The film ends with them having ‘done’ it while the family is busy performing a religious ceremony. It features Ayushmann Khurrana with Bhumi Padnekar in the lead roles. The film even has a sequel “Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan”.

With Taboo around erectile dysfunction in India, it becomes the ‘Impotence Capital of The World’. A research study suggests that 30 per cent of the men below the age of 40 years and 20 per cent of men from all age groups face this problem in India. This problem includes the inability to maintain or achieve penile erection, which leads to unsatisfactory sexual intercourse. The problem that’s highly prevalent in India is not even openly discussed, which makes even half of the population unaware of this lifestyle disease. Ayushmann made sure that he focuses on the things that catch less attention in Indian societies. If paid proper attention, this disease can be prevented and treated well with the proper medication and exercise.

Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan (2020)

Presenting the love life of two gay men, the story depicts their struggles to convince their families. Things never go easy whenever a revolution takes place in society. Ayushmann Khurrana along with Jitendra Kumar came forward to bring something exceptional to the cinema. The film takes their journey to a secret marriage, but their secret unveils very soon, putting their family into a shocking state. At that moment, the police arrive at the scene to arrest both of them for their sexuality. The very next day, Supreme Court announces its judgement to decriminalise homosexuality. The film surely gives a nudge that’s required to the narrow-minded parents and guardians. 

The story totally has social relevance, though, in the form of comedy, it spreads out a strong and powerful lesson. Meanwhile, another point that comes into the picture is the lack of understanding and communication between parents and their offspring. Though one of the couples gathered the courage to reveal everything to his family, who even accepted him, the case remains opposite for the other one, who faces a lack of audacity to face his parents with the truth, who disgusts with such things. 

“Love is love, it sees no boundaries or gender” this quote very well states the simple definition of love, but society still stigmatizes the concept of same-sex relationships. Even after passing a historical judgement by Supreme Court in 2018, which decriminalised homosexuality and repealed Section 377, the citizens might not be ready to accept the same. The Indian cinema has come forward to address the nation through the medium of their films.

Badhaai Ho (2018) 

2018 was surely a year of superhit low budgeted movies. This other hit is the story of a man who is shocked to find that his mother is pregnant. His relationship with his girlfriend was in dilemma when he finds it hard to accept the news. Ayushmann Khurrana is paired with Sanya Malhotra and Neena Gupta is seen as a lead actress in the film. With earnings of more than Rs 200 crore against a budget of around Rs 29 crore, the film was one of the most successful films of the year. 

The film brings to us a fresh concept and a progressive storyline. This emotional comedy-drama teaches us to think about such topics. This movie broke the stereotype of getting pregnant at a certain age, that is prevailing in society. This will start a more mature approach toward couples who consider conceiving at a later stage in life. Overall, along with entertainment, the film teaches us a variety of things and lessons. Ayushmann, just like brilliant films, acted brilliantly in this film as well.

Bala (2019)

Bala, the main character of the film, became the heartthrob of his class due to his charismatic looks and personality. After 15 years, Bala struggles in his life due to the premature balding of his hair. No home remedy worked for his condition. His childhood crush leaves him after discovering the truth. Out of frustration, he starts wearing a wig and falls for a woman. The film features Ayushmann Khurrana, Yami Gautam and Bhumi Padnekar along with other supporting actors.

The movie focuses on a social issue of male pattern baldness. It tells us to love ourselves irrespective of our flaws and looks. Unlike other films in this aspect, it doesn’t force anything on the viewers. Ayushmann surely deserves a standing ovation for this film, he made the whole film interesting and engaging. Even the supporting actors deserve an appreciation. This empathic film teaches us some beautiful lessons about life. Ayushmann conveys to us that it’s okay to be bald. He encourages men to accept themselves as they are born. There’s no point in seeking validation from others because being bald is cool too. The movie makes us realise our own self-worth.

Dum Laga Ke Haisha (2015)

This romantic love story definitely melts your heart with its amazing storyline and actors. The iconic duo of Ayushmann and Bhumi again appears in this film to deliver an impactful message. The movie begins with a man from Haridwar, whose family forced him to marry an overweight woman. After their marriage, they face problems getting in bed with each other. Over time, due to disinterest in their marriage, the man faces embarrassment due to his wife. They become frustrated and decide to part ways. When they go to the court for divorce proceedings, their families try to convince the judge. The judge tells the couple to stay together for six months to understand each other.

After staying together, they realize each other’s mistakes and try to understand each other’s pain. They even take part in a competition “Dum Lagao”, wherein which asks the participants to lift their wives and run a race. They both sign up for the race to take the last chance to save their marriage. Surprisingly, the man lifts her on his back and eventually, wins the race. The man even lifts her home after the race gets over and the film ends by sealing their love with a kiss. 

Just like age is just a number, weight too is a number.

Every once in a while, there comes a movie that touches the hearts of this audience, this film was one of them. There are a lot of things that matter in a person other than looks, no matter how much we stress this, it will always remain an important lesson. The way this woman put herself first, inspires us to do so. Love yourself first, then others. You shouldn’t pay much attention to what others say about you. The small and little things in life matter the most when one falls in love. Weight difference doesn’t make a person less human. Such things rarely make a difference when love overpowers everything. 

Ayushmann surely works upon delivering an impactful performance in all of his films. The actor surely will achieve milestones with his skills and talent. Let’s see where the journey takes him. Till then, happy weekend 🙂


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