9 secret love affairs of Ajay Devgn that even Kajol was unaware about! 

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The Singham of Bollywood, Ajay Devgn, made his place in the industry over many years. With two National Film Awards and four Filmfare Awards and the Padma Shri in his portfolio, he struggled to achieve them. Besides this, he also gives major relationship goals throughout his 23 years long marriage. But behind those happy couple things, he did fall into various love affairs and practised old school romance. Let’s look at the failed love affairs of Ajay Devgn in Bollywood:

Love Affairs of Ajay Devgn: Tabu

Vishal Veeru Devgan aka Ajay Devgn and Tabassum Fatima Hashmi, aka Tabu, know each other for more than 25 years. In childhood, both lived in the same neighbourhood and both grew up together. In a recent interview, when someone asked her about her marriage, she jokingly replied that she remained single due to Ajay. During their childhood, Ajay and Tabu’s cousin Sameer spied on her and bullied everyone who talked to her. She feels very connected with Ajay in the industry and even worked in several films with him, such as Drishyam, Golmaal Again, Vijaypath, Haqeeqat, De De Pyaar De and Jawaani Jaaneman. Some reports state that Ajay had a major crush on Tabu and they even dated for a few years.  

Love Affairs of Ajay Devgn: Raveena Tandon

The fantasy queen of the B-town in the 90s, Raveena fell for this tall and dark handsome guy. The “Dilwale” co-stars began their dating journey while shooting for the movie. They remained together for a few years before Ajay fell in love with Karisma. Their brutal breakup became the talk of the town. They had a public war of words and it went so worse that Raveena even tried committing suicide. Their ugly separation went on to Ajay advising Raveena to see a psychiatrist. Raveena also claimed that they exchanged a few love letters while dating each other. She even said that she could bring those letters as proof. Ajay replied back by saying that let her bring the proofs, even he wished to see them. Also, Ajay called her a ‘born liar’. 

Love Affairs of Ajay Devgn: Manisha Koirala

When she began her career, she acted in a few films, such as India Sweets and Spices, Akele Hum Akele Tum, etc. In the life of Manisha Koirala, she dated many men from Vivek Mushran to Nana Patekar to Tariq Premji to Akshay Kumar and many more but Ajay Devgn remains the closest of all to her heart. Their relationship started with one of the films ‘Dhanwan’, but shortly after, they fell apart. The two began to move forward in their respective lives. They never came across each other’s lives after splitting up. Manisha finally tied the knot with Samrat Dahal in 2010 but they also soon fell apart.

Ajay admitted in an interview, “Excuse me, except for Raveena and Manisha, no heroine has complained about me. I get along with all my leading ladies including Juhi Chawla. I am doing more than one film with several popular heroines, but not with these two girls. If Manisha and Raveena were the only heroines left on earth, I wouldn’t work with them. Both are very similar temperamentally- they are master liars and both are frustrated. I don’t like artificial people, I vibe well with genuine people.”

Love Affairs of Ajay Devgn: Kangana Ranaut

While shooting for Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, the two actors fell for each other. Even after Ajay’s marriage to Kajol, the two got along together and began their affair with no strings attached. Things reportedly went wrong when Kangana got emotionally involved with Ajay and this bothered Ajay as he carried no intentions of leaving his wife. Kajol took this matter very seriously and she even threatened Ajay to move out of the house with their kids. In an interview, Ranaut even went on record to say that falling for a married man felt like a mistake.

Love Affairs of Ajay Devgn: Karisma Kapoor 

Ajay and Karisma fell in love with each other while shooting for their film “Jigar”. In fact, reportedly, Ajay Devgn even parted ways with Raveena Tandon to date Karisma Kapoor. They both worked together in some of the most hit films, such as Sargam, Dhanban, and Suhag. This allowed them to spend some quality time together. Their love soon started fading when Ajay signed a movie “Hulchul” with Kajol. Kajol was also in a troubled relationship back then. As Ajay and Kajol became close, they began making headlines. Soon, Karisma and Ajay’s relationship ended abruptly, which left their fans heartbroken. They never really accepted their relationship in public. 

Love Affairs of Ajay Devgn: Kajal Aggrawal

Ajay is rumoured to have dated his co-star Kajal Aggrawal in the movie “Singham”. According to the reports, the South Indian fame fell for this handsome hunk while shooting for the film. Though the actors never accepted their relationship in public, rumours surfaced every upcoming day while the shooting of the film. All the rumours settled after the shooting was over and the movie got released. It is also said that the rumours also affected the married relationship of Kajol and Ajay. But all the accusations died after the release of Singham and they lived happily ever after. 

Love Affairs of Ajay Devgn: Ileana D’cruz

Another co-star of Ajay, Ileana D’cruz made the headlines while shooting for the movie “Raid”. Although both of them always denied such claims in the public, Paparazzi spotted them together various times. They went together to parties, lunches, dinners, etc. The actors became quite close after the competition of the shooting. The closeness between both the actors increased so much that it started bothering Ajay’s wife, Kajol. Kajol acted wisely and saved their troubled marriage. However, the rumours settled soon and no further rumours came up. 

Love Affairs of Ajay Devgn: Rakul Preet Singh

Ajay didn’t seem to settle with his rumoured affairs. According to the rumours, he even dated the actress Rakul Preet Singh. Rakul featured with him in the movie “De De Pyaar De”. The movie also featured Ajay’s popular rumoured girlfriend, Tabu. The film’s title already raised a lot of controversies because it featured two of Ajay’s rumoured girlfriends and he began a relationship with both the actresses in the film. Later, sources also revealed Rakul and Ajay spent some quality time together after shooting the movie. Though the news cooled down after the film hit the theatres, Kajol reports holding some grudges against the actresses. But it seems like Kajol sorted all of her issues because Ajay currently works on the film “Thank God” with Rakul Preet Singh. The film also stars Sidharth Malhotra and was released on the 29th of July, 2022.

Love Affairs of Ajay Devgn: Madhoo Shah

The veteran actress acted in Ajay Devgn starrer “Phool Aur Kaante” in 1991. According to the sources, the two dated till they made their second film “Diljale” together. After watching Diljale, Anand fell for the actress and decided to marry him. She agreed to the same. But even after agreeing to marry him, Ajay and Madhoo are featured together in the movie “Sar Utha Ke Jiyo” in 1998, a year before her wedding to Anand. In the same year, Ajay married the love of her life, Kajol Mukharjee. 

Kajol Mukharjee and Ajay Devgn

Their story is a bit different from the other two we discussed. Kajol and Ajay met in 1995 while shooting for Hulchul. Kajol got a role in the movie after the lead actress Divya Bharti passed away. Initially, Kajol hated Ajay for his introversion as she was quite the opposite, full of joy and laughter. But as time grew, they became good friends and the story started. There were no such fancy proposals in their story, love just found its place between them. After four years of secret dating, they finally got into holy wedlock on the 24th of February, 1999. Ajay wished to keep the wedding so private that he didn’t even call the professional photographers. The couple faced various criticisms about being an ‘odd/unlikely pair’ because of their contrasting natures but they fought against all the odds and are staying together for 27 years.

Therefore, it is rightly said, “Unlike poles attract each other.” Kajol even suffered a miscarriage when she was pregnant for the first time, but because of the support she received from Ajay, they became parents two years later in 2003. She gave birth to their lovely daughter Nysa. After seven years, they again relieved the same feeling when Yug, their son was born. They teach us that fancy proposals and love stories are not necessary for a happy marriage, love should always prevail over other things. 

After looking at the love list of Ajay Devgn, the actor finally settled for the best. The happy family now resides without holding any previous grudges with each other. The couple also came on the reality show “Koffee With Karan”, on which they talked about their happy relationship. They also discussed the various aspects of a happy marriage and a happy family. Ajay, besides ruling the hearts of his fans, also ruled the hearts of many women in his career.


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