Amazon Prime releasing its comedy original on 30th April!

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Gear up for endless laughter coming on your screen this month end!

Amazon Prime releasing its comedy original on 30th April!

Firstly, after Comicstaan being a big hit and bringing in new stand-up comics in the game, Amazon Prime Video is ready to present LOL. A comedy show with 12 of our industry’s biggest comics! However, there is a twist in the show!

The show is releasing on the 30th of April. Sunil Grover announces his presence in the show today. By releasing the teaser of this series, we also have come to know the superstars that are going to be a part of this!

Additionally, From what it looks like, legendary Boman Irani and Arshad Warsi are the judges. On the other hand, the rest of the team is :
1. Akaash Gupta ( Comicstaan 2 season winner )
2. Mallika Dua
3. Sunil Grover a.k.a Gutthi
4. Gaurav Gera
5. Aadar Malik ( stand up comic ), famous on Instagram under the username @theaadarguy
6. Kusha Kapila ( music artist and social media celebrity )
7. Cyrus Broacha
8. Suresh Menon
9. Aditi Mittal ( comedian )
10. Ankita Shrivastav ( comedian )

All of these people are extremely talented comics. Furthermore, the catch of the show is pretty interesting. If the comedians laugh, they will lose. Therefore, no scope for laughing no matter how hilarious things get!
In contrast, now the confusion is, what will we laugh at? On these celebs who are trying to stop their quirky laughs? Or just the humor-filled show?

Most of these celebs are in this industry for a very long time now. Some of them have gained a lot of popularity during the lockdown period. Guess the pandemic wasn’t that bad for success, was it? Even though the times are tough, yet these people are making us smile every day!

Not only are these people coming together for the first time, but also, the entire creation will stay for a very long time on the platform.
At the end of the day when you are tired of all the work stress, you need comedy! Comedy is also the biggest way to heal mental stress!

Lastly, celebs will be performing and playing quizzes at the same time. We are tired of having a boring life, thus the comics are here to fill us with laughter!

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