Bahubali Completes 6 Years|Prabhas|SS Rajamouli|Rana Daggubati|Anushka

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Know here how the star-cast of Bahubali became a family

When we talk about Bahubali, the name itself gives a gigantic heavy feeling. It gives off the vibe of a powerful aura. The biggest movie of the Indian Film Industry, not only budget-wise, but on a wholesome scale. Bahubali : The Beginning took about 380 days of shooting, and 3 years in totality to be complete.

The film was first conceived by SS Rajamouli’s father K. V. Vijayendra Prasad, who had randomly narrated a story about Shivagami. Shivgami, a woman who carried a baby in her hand while crossing a river, and several years later he talked about Kattappa. This story intrigued Rajamouli and his fascination towards mythology and the tales of the Amar Chitra Katha comics furthermore fuelled his interest.

How long did it it take for SS Rajamouli to ensemble the cast of Bahubali?

Bahubali took about 3 months for its script-writing and final draft to get ready. In 2011, SS Rajamouli had announced that he will be working with Prabhas in his next upcoming venture. But it wasn’t until 2013, that the name Baahubali was officially announced as the name of the movie. Tamannah joined the shooting after a year or more, the shooting was on-going for more than a year when Tamannah joined the cast and shooting. Rana Daggubati and Prabhas had to train for more than 3 months and had to continue training to keep up with their monstrous body. In an interview, Rana revealed that he used to eat 20 eggs a day! That’s more than 7000 eggs a year! Seems like Rana used to have a poultry farm inside his body itself!

Okay, apart from the jokes, both Prabhas and Rana had to undergo a lot of training and workout sessions, including sword fighting and more. Anushka, who played Devsena had to put on weight for her role as well. The movie demanded a lot of things from its actors it seems.

Did you know? The Film Baahubali introduced a new language as well?

Yes, it’s a lesser known fact that the film, Baahubali, introduced a new language called ‘Kiliki Language’. Kiliki is a fictional language for the Kalakeyas. Kalakeyas is a ferocious warrior tribe, and the language Kiliki was created by Madhan Karky for the film. Furthermore, it is said to be the first fictional language to be created for an Indian film.

Karky was pursuing his PhD in Australia, where he took up a part-time job of teaching and baby-sitting children. And during one such interaction, he thought it might be fun to create a new language which could be easily grasped. He first made up basic words and the opposites were represented by the word reversals.

Bahubali Completes 6 Years|Prabhas|SS Rajamouli|Rana Daggubati|Anushka
Bahubali Completes 6 Years|Prabhas|SS Rajamouli|Rana Daggubati|Anushka

Kilikili language consists a minimum of 750 words and has more than 40 concrete grammar rules. While creating the language the basic concept in mind is that the portrayal of Kalakeya warriors should be as terrifying brutes. The language is same in all the versions of the movie– Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam.

It was on 21 February 2020, the occasion of International Mother Language Day, when SS Rajamouli launched the official website of Kiliki language. He also called the language as the “world’s youngest and easiest language.”

Did the star-cast became family during the shoot?

When talking about how did it feel to be working together for so many years, and seeing the same faces everyday; Rana says he couldn’t distinguish that whether he likes a person or he became used to them. The other star-casts also say that they never regretted being a part of the film, as they always wanted to work with SS Rajamouli sir.

Bahubali Completes 6 Years|Prabhas|SS Rajamouli|Rana Daggubati|Anushka
Bahubali Completes 6 Years|Prabhas|SS Rajamouli|Rana Daggubati|Anushka

Tamannah also reveals that it was her first movie with Rajamouli and she is glad to be a part of it. Talking about commitments, it’s often asked whether Prabhas was bored, tired or doubtful regarding the film; Prabhas denied these claims. Prabhas has worked with Rajamouli before, and he loves working with him. And during the shoot, everyone had gotten used to each other’s presence which made them like each other more.

Baahubali inspired by true events?

The film is an inspiration from the narration of SS Rajamouli’s father. But mostly the film is inspired by the Mahabharata. In fact Rajamouli reveals that most of his projects are an inspiration from the two epics, Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

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