Boycott Radhe and Salman Khan is buzzing over Twitter | Why Boycott this film?

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Till Yesterday Radhe was trending all over social media. But today, the tables have turned, and Boycott Radhe is on top.

The Bollywood industry is very skeptical. Today Twitter is overflowing with one hashtag that is Boycott Radhe and Salman Khan. Whereas, he was the most cherished man till Yesterday. The fans showed immense support for his upcoming Radhe. Many are assuming that this can be a PR tactic to keep the film trending. The haters were waiting for the trailer’s release as their motive was to make it one of the most disliked trailers on the internet. Soon after the release, the fans grew its popularity. But the next day onwards, the internet flooding with various ‘memes’ on the trailer.  

On April 22nd, Salman Khan was up with his new film’s trailer Radhe. It featured Randeep Hooda, Disha Patani, and Jackie Shroff. But the trend took a turn as Sushant’s fans vowed to Boycott the film. They are determined to stop the release of Radhe. As the trend follows, many users are retweeting the action and supporting it. The movie was trending on YouTube just for a day, yet there is a Boycott action on social media. 

Boycotting Radhe is a PR tactic?

Although the film is facing such an action virtually, it is still trending on Twitter. It raises the question wether this can be a PR tactic to keep the audience engaged. However, this is possible, but it’s not confirmed. Last year on June 14th, Sushant breathed his last breath. The sudden death of the actor was shocking for the entire nation. Since then, the fans are out seeking justice for the actor. In fact, his fans called Boycott for many films in Bollywood. However, now the fans jabbed at Radha. They are posting dislike comments about the film and the actor. Whereas many are speaking about ‘Nepotism.’ One of the fans posted, “Good Morning, SSRians. 

 We are Trending in India #BoycottRadhe with #SaveLives4Sushant No One Saw Sushant Hanging.” 

However, Prabhudeva’s Radhe is preparing for the release on May 13th. As promised by the actor, Radhe will release this Eid. 


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