Brahmastra Movie Unknown facts you should know- Ranbir and Alia’s love child coming.

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Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s much-awaited film Brahmastra is ready to spread its magic. I was very excited by the trailer of the Brahmastra
movie. Here are Brahmastra movie 20 unknown facts you should know. Ranbir and Alia’s love child coming. As seen in the trailer some of the elements in the trailer are fascinate and on the other hand I am excited about the details hidden from us in the trailer. If you feel the same don’t worry I got your back. I’m going to explain to you all the necessary information you
should know a before you step into the theater to watch this epic fantasy adventure movie.

The release date, languages, and standard format.

You should know about Brahmāstra: Part One- Shiva is the release date which is 9th September 2022, in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and
Kannada languages and you can watch it in 3D, IMAX 3D, and 4DX 3D. Book your tickets now and
schedule you fantasy ride with Ranbir and Alia.

Brahmastra movie 20 unknown facts
Brahmāstra: Part One – Shiva

Brahmastra movie cast and crew

Ayan Mukerji is the writer and the director of this movie. He hard work in Brahmastra movie is worth appreciating and for all the southern India movie lovers good news for you too as Telugu film director S. S. Rajamouli presenting the movie in the four South Indian
languages. You will see a wide range of actors from Ranbir & Alia to Amitabh Bachchan,
Nagarjuna Akkineni, and Mouni Roy looking super convincing in their roles.

Astraverse comming soon

Brahmastra movie trailer

This movie is the beginning of Astraverse. Astras will play very important part in the moive and trilogy too. We are hearing stories about the Astras and how our lords have master these Astras in our ancient mythology. this movie will take you back in those era where theses Astras meant everything and put it into modern era. Now we have to see how it will these ancient Astra impact our characters modern life in the movie. The concept of this universe is unique and in the era of multiple hollywood multiverse culture it is a proud moment for us that we have also had the
potential to tell stories which are larger than life and grand in scale.

Nandi Astra

Nagarjuna’s character is wearing this Astra and his character name is Anish. The bangle (kada) gives strength and power to Anish and the strength of his power is equal to the power of 1000 Nandi and the color of power is blue. it is one of the strongest Astra in this universe. We can see its power in the trailer too.

Jal Astra

In the trailer, we only see the small appearance of this Astra where a woman is walking
and the whole sea is coming with her. Right now we don’t know how is playing this
is a mystery character but it is clear that the person who is wearing this Astra
can control water. In ancient mythology, Lord Varun made Varunastra which has similar
power; this could be the same as Astra. Now we have to wait for the movie to release to
see its full potential but it looks very cool in the trailer.Another Interesting fact of Brahmastra movie 20 unknown facts you should know.

Pawan Astra

The pre-order trailer shows us the Vayu Astra and we know that it can control the wind. To master this Astra will be a challenging as anyone who uses it has the power of the wind and we know that wind is very powerful. Here also we can’t see the proper face of the actor but the hype is real high and I just can’t wait for movie to realise.

Agni Astra

From the trailer, we know that Ranbir Kapoor’s character has the power of Agni and he is
the Agni Astra. Normally to have the power of any Astra you need to wear that Astra but
in this case, Shiva is the Astra himself. The power of Agni Astra is to not only control the
fire but also that the person who possesses it can control the fire too. The song
Deva-Deva is about Ranbir Kapoor’s character realizing he has power and he is trying to
learn to master it. The biggest threat to Agni Astra is Jal Astra and we don’t know yet
who is playing this character so we also keep it a secret and wait for the movie to
release. Another Interesting fact of Brahmastra movie 20 unknown facts you should know.


Guru ( Amitabh Bachchan) has the Prabhastra. Prabhastra is the sword of
light. The color of the Astra is blue same as Nandi Astra. In the trailer, we did not see much use
of this Astra more than the simple dagger but we know that none of the Astra is simple.
In the trailer, Prabhastra is the most basic Astra we see but we have to wait for the movie to see the full potential will be shown in the movie. We know that Amitabh Bachchan’s character is very important for Shiva’s journey. Guru helps him ( Ranbir
Kapoor) not only discover his power and teaches him to control it. Guru is also the leader
of small village people who also have the power of Astra. This means that there will be
more Astras in the movie which we haven’t seen in the trailer yet.

Ganesh Astra

Ganesh is known as the protector God and as we have seen this the trailer that this
Astra is owned by a girl and she is making a shield to protect Shiv and Isha ( Ranbir
Kapoor and Alia Bhatt) it’s more powerful than we see in the trailer and as we saw with
other Astras this is also a very powerful Astra and its full potential we will have to wait for
the movie.

Naaga Astra

Naaga Astra is the Astra which is like a bow and arrow but instead of throwing an arrow,
it throws snacks. In the trailer, we see that the color scheme of this Astra is green which
is different from the usual blue and red Astra. It will be fascinating to see what more this
Astra can do.

Junoon Astra

This Astra is owned by Mouni Roy’s character and we know nothing about this Astra.
There is lot of significance of the color red and blue and Junoon Astra is red which will reflect the evil in her and her motive. We see a connection
with Naagin in the background, and we can’t wait for the
movie to realise to know more about it. As of now, we know that Mouni Roy’s character is the
leader of the evil army and maybe the source of energy for her army and she is after
Brahmastra. Another Interesting fact of Brahmastra movie 20 unknown facts you should know.

Other Important Astra

Brahmastra is more about different types of Astras and this will explore in details in the movie and the trilogy. One is the Astra we see in the trailer, owned by the boy who can control people through gravity which is very interesting to watch. Astra is actually used by Ranbir Kapoor’s character which is a Trishul-shaped Astra. We know that this will be a very important scene in the movie and this Astra is worth making our excitement high.


The hero of all Astra, Brahmastra is the Astra people are fighting for and we have seen
in the trailer that it will be used. We know that Brahmastra is the most powerful Astra in
the world according to this movie’s logic and the world they have created and it has the
potential to destroy the whole world. Now we have to see what happened next: does the
world survive from Brahmastra and who will protect it?

Hard work done by the makers of brahmastra movie

It took more than 10 years to make this project and finally the movie is about to realise, the idea for the movie brahmastra was
implanted into this world in 2011 and creator Ayan Mukerji has spent the majority of his
life building this universe and giving us something new and original. Which we can all
enjoy and love.

Amazing visual effect in Brahmastra movie

This is what we can also be guaranteed and personally love the visual effects of the
movie and this is also one of the major reasons for the long making time the creator has
to spend as they have to wait for the technology as many technological advancements
were not at available by that time and they have to be very patient and motivated to
make it a reality.

Nagarjuna working in Bollywood after 16 year in Brahmastra movie

This is actually a simple but interesting fact that after 16 years Nagarjuna is working in a
Bollywood movie. The last movie he worked in was LOC- Kargil. In this movie
Nagarjuna’s character is actually an extended cameo and initially he didn’t want to work
in Brahmastra. He eventually agreed to work when he heard the narration for his

Climax of the movie will surprise you

The climax of the movie will be shown in the Himalayas and the visual impact of that
scene will get you goosebumps. Brahmastra movie climax scene will going to setup the next part and there could be chances that you can see a post credit and a mid credit scene.

Brahmastra movie trilogy plan

Brahmāstra: Part One – Shiva is the first film of the trilogy. Like wise the faith of the other two movies will depend upon this movie success.

We need to appreciate this epic adventure we will see in the modern world and this will also set up the other two parts too. Which means that the other parts may explore Vishnu and Brahma. Sudharshan Chakra is the Astra of Vishnu which we may see in the second part and Brahma is known as the creator of Brahmastra which we will see in detail in the third part. Another Interesting fact of Brahmastra movie 20 unknown facts you should know.

Shah Rukh Khan cameo in Brahmastra movi

This is the official that there will be an appearance of Shah Rukh Khan. After all he is our favorite he will be a scientist and the makers are keeping it tight secret about SRK is a hero or a villain in the movie you can watch the movie in the theater when it releases.
The Brahmāstra: Part One – Shiva is an original concept movie with a budget over 400 cr. We should give it a fair chance to be watched and celebrated in the name of good cinema and maybe this can change the fate of Bollywood.

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