Dhvani Bhanushali shares Garba steps with Rajit Dev

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The unseen side of Radha, here is Dhvani sharing her favorite steps with Ranjit Dev.

Dhvani Bhanushali, who released her latest hit Radha crossed 30 million views. In the recent post, Dhvani shows some Garba steps with Ranjit. Radha is the most viewed song on YouTube. The rhythm is catchy. Once you listen, you cannot get away from the tune. Dhvani is doing well in the industry as she is releasing back-to-back hit albums. Three weeks back, the teaser for the latest hit is released—the singer who can woo your soul by stirring some music like Vaaste and Leja re. Moreover, the singer herself cannot stay away from the tune. Dhvani Bhanushali shares some steps on Radha with Ranjit.

Dhvani Bhanushali is an Indian pop artist who is known for the song Vaaste. At the early age of 19, she made her debut in the industry. After her brilliant performance in MTV Unplugged season 7, she continued with her career. After that, her song Dilbar could hit 25 million views in just 24 hours. However, all these years, she made herself stand on a pedestal. In this place, she will move on with her super hit albums. 

Dhvani Bhanushali shares some steps from Radha

Soon after, Radha was on youtube. Fans could not hold themselves tight to the ground. The music made them move and also sway. In the post, the singer herself could not stop her feet from dancing to the music. She looks stunning with her black party dress in pair of black shoes.

Along with Dhvani, Indian Choreographer Ranjit Dev moved with a few steps. She captions the post with, “Always up for garba.” It also continues with a lot of hashtags for Garba, Navratri, and Radha. In fact, her new release could hit more than 30 million views. The country is showing immense love to Radha. The fans are buzzing with the comments about the song and the singer. Indeed Dhvani is beautiful and talented. However she has a long way to go from here onwards. Indeed she will make it to the top of the list. She started with her career at an early age and also she is liable to attract soulful listeners.

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