Hema Malini and her wisdom touch a million hearts

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Dreamgirl of Bollywood is one of the purest souls in the industry. Also, Hema Malini and her undying experience in work and talent are commendable. She is an actress, producer, and politician. And, the 72-year-old is a heart stealer!

in 1963, she made her acting debut in the Tamil film Idhu Sathiyam. After that, there was no going back. Hema Malini not only is the dream girl of Bollywood but also Dharmendra’s. Legendary Dharmendra fell in love with this gorgeous lady. However, to marry her, he converted to Islam. The two have daughters and undying love for each other.

There is so much about Hema Malini that her fan doesn’t know about!
1. Hema is a Padma Bhushan award holder.
2. She is also the Peta person of the year 2011
3. She is also a supporter of the animal rights organization, PETA India
4. Malini is the first female chairperson of the National Film Development Corporation for a term of three years. (2000- 2003)
5. Lastly, she’s the brand ambassador for Pothys, a textile showroom in Chennai.

There is so much that she can do. We can never level up to her bars of experience. The lady is unstoppable and very powerful. Winner of 2 Filmfare, 2-lifetime achievement awards, and 4 other film awards!
If there’s a competition, Hema is the best competitor. Chances are very few for others to win!

Moreover, Hema Malini stands as an inspiration to a million people. She holds the perfect amount of strength for it. Only yesterday she announces her National Award on Twitter. There is still a lot that we might never know about her. But we are sure she has many more ways to surprise us.

Kisi shayar ki gazal dream girl , kisi jheel ka kawal, dream girl.
Starring in so many movies, yet this song pops up whenever we look at her. In contrast, This beauty with brains is the reason dream girl songs lives long!

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