Kareena Kapoor Khan and her thoughts on being a Star, Wife and Mother!

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Kareena Kapoor Khan and her thoughts on being a Star, Wife and Mother! She has been one of Bollywood’s top actresses for almost 2 decades now. It is quite an amazing feat for a female actor to be on top of her game for such an extensive amount of time. Her career withholds an enormous number of transformations, not just physically but also in the type of roles she chose to play and the way she portrayed them which has set a benchmark for all actresses that have or will join the industry.

From her debut Refugee (2000) to her groundbreaking performance in Jab We Met (2007) and then her trendsetting zero figure in Tashan (2008), Kareena has proved how versatile of an actor she really is, physically and mentally. Today we will follow a series of interviews where she talks about some of her personal takes on her life as a Superstar, a wife and a mother.

Kareena talks about her career and how marriage has affected it!

Bebo is always very open to the fact that she wishes to remain relevant in the Bollywood industry and keep on delivering great flicks. In an interview, she stated “I told Saif that I would never quit acting and I will always have passion for my work no matter what” to which the Chote Nawab agreed and supported her by saying that he would never want her to stop following her passion and also that he wanted the mother of his child to be working. She also added, “Marriage is just Marriage, it’s not death. It’s not a disease that will restrict you from doing anything that you want”. With these words, she once again proved that no matter what happens in her life. Bollywood will remain her first love.

When she was asked about her thoughts on Feminism to which she duly replied, “I don’t need to scream from the top of a building to prove that I’m a feminist. I let my actions do the work as actions do speak louder than words”. She goes on to talk about her role in Chameli (2004) where she signed the role of a prostitute from Kamathipura when she was just 21 years old. A lot of people had discouraged her from signing the role saying that she wouldn’t fit the part or that she wouldn’t be able to play the character.

But once again Bebo proved to world wrong by delivering a critically acclaimed performance alongside Rahul Bose. Her point was that there had women-centric films being made back then also, it was just that actors didn’t want to take up such roles. Now, these sorts of movies have become much more prevalent than before with actresses like Taapsee Pannu and Kangana Ranaut etc.

Roles that define Kareena as an actor!

During her earlier years, she was hugely influenced from her role as Poo K3G (2001). She had fallen into the trap of having typecast. To some extent, she even agreed that the character had become a part of her in real life as well. She took some time to shed the skin of Poo. And break out into the real world of acting with significant roles in commercially and critically successful movies. Like Omkara (2006), Jab We Met (2007), Kurbaan (2009), 3 idiots (2009).

Coming to her claim to fame, the character of Geet. When she had asked about what her thought process was while playing the character. She simply replied that she was just doing her job as an actor. Kareena didn’t overthink or put any such articulation inside the character’s perks. She said, “I was just playing the character that I had to; I didn’t put too much thought into it. But somewhere down the line we both clicked and Geet became a sensation”. Call it a stroke of fate or brilliance, it is widely clear that this was Kareena’s best performance. To date as the actress received huge appraise and critical appreciation for her portrayal. As the bubbly and self-obsessed yet lovable Geet.

A funny anecdote on Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor

It is widely clear that Kareena and Saif fell in love while shooting for Tashan. However, it is less known that she actually rejected Saif twice during the shoot. While they were shooting in Greece, Saif formally gave his proposal of tying knots. To this, she had to say “I didn’t reject him but I was afraid that I didn’t know him well enough to marry him. So, I asked him to give it some time and get to know each other better and I think it’s the best decision I’ve made in my life”. The second time was in Ladhak while they were filming a song for the movie but Kareena’s answer was the same.

Kareena Kapoor Khan is probably the only actress who dealt with her pregnancy like no other star. Bollywood would have the courage or ability to do so. When the topic came up, she said “Work is always important to me. And I would’ve not stopped myself from working for anything, let alone my pregnancy”. Just after 40 days of Taimur’s birth, Kareena walked the ramp on the Lakme fashion week. For all these people, this is what she had to say “Obviously I was not a perfect size. I just delivered 40 days ago. But as long as I feel good and I look good that’s what matters most to me. It doesn’t matter if my size is zero or ten”

How Papparazi’s have affected Taimur!

Kareena then broke off into a story about how Taimur is sometimes conscious about all the Papparazi’s that are surrounding him. She said “Even when we want to take a picture, he sometimes stops us and says, no pictures. He is understanding slowly that he is being watched and his actions are monitored. I cannot be a mother who hides the face of her son but if he is shying away from all the attention then I will definitely keep him away from it”. Bebo also went on to add that Gauri Khan has reported a similar behaviour in Abram. As he more than often refuses to go out and play in fear of being snapped.

Taimur has been a sensation on social media platforms ever since his birth. Right after his name had announced there was a rage in the community. Due to the pseudo-controversial name they had chosen for their son. Kareena stated that “Taimur was not even a few hours old when people were writing long rage messages. Suddenly everyone became a historian on Twitter and Instagram. And the best part was that whatever they were writing was rubbish as the Mongol warrior was actually named Temur. Taimur means iron and strength”.

In closing Bebo says that it doesn’t matter if it’s her career, her pregnancy or her marriage. She has carried them all out with great pride. She is very proud of her career even after her marriage. As she has delivered really good movies like Bajrangi Bhaijan (2015), Ki and Ka (2016) and Udta Punjab (2016).

She closed by saying “It’s a myth that if you’re married, you’re not going to look your best or that you will not be as popular. I don’t think so, I am very proud of my marriage, my husband and my pregnancy. In fact, I enjoyed the pregnancy and let everyone else around me enjoy it with me. The way I live my life, I hold that with a lot of pride”.

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