Katrina Kaif is COVID-19 Negative | Health update

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After the battle with yourself, Katrina Kaif is COVID-19 Negative. She posted her health update on Instagram. See what she have to say.

Katrina Kaif is COVID-19 Negative | Health update

As the rise in COVID-19 cases causing a health hazard, many celebs are fighting the battle against it. Katrina Kaif, who tested positive for COVID-19 recently, came up with good news. Today, she took her Instagram to inform that she is negative of COVID-19. Last night, the Bollywood fame Manish Malhotra tested positive for COVID-19. However, a piece of good news popped up about Katrina Kaif tests Negative for the virus. 

Bollywood is on the verge of a shutdown as the alarming rise of cases jabbed every star. However, Katrina was spending her quarantine days in complete isolation. Her health seems to be a lot better than before. She could finally get out of her bed. However, she will resume her work as she regains her strength. It is bad to crawl down your bed for too long. Indeed the actor might be working out to overcome her weakness. After any sickness, your body needs time to recover. Indeed the actors are health conscious and can take care of themselves. Katrina Kaif of Instagram posted a morning news feed. She was looking stunning and bright in the picture. It is a bright day for her.

After a long week, Katrina tests Negative. 

No matter what other people talk about, you have to prioritize yourself first in terms of safety. Katrina was among the many stars who were in isolation. Just like the others, the virus jabbed her. However, she followed the rules and maintained her medications. In the recent feed, the actor is wearing a bright yellow sweater pairing it with yellow pants. She let her hair down, which is giving her a fresh glow. Katrina is looking in some other direction as the picture clicks. She is likely in her room sitting on her bed when she poses for the picture. She writes, “negative ( everyone who checked up on me thank u , it was really sweet felt a lot of )” 

The actor also ended with a yellow heart. After the long battle she could rise as a sunshine. However, the request follows for all. Indeed the cases are rising, we need to keep our guards on.

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