Know the Hottest Gym Freaks of Bollywood right here!

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If you’re one that’s looking for gym motivation, let your favorite celebs do that for you!

Fitness is one’s own choice. Be it a Bollywood star or a millenial 20 year old at home. It is a myth that fitness will decide how much talent you hold. It doesn’t and it shouldn’t. Here are some b-town celebs that are fitness freaks and their stare-worthy flaming body.

1. Sara Ali Khan

If there is an inspiration for a true fitness fan, it is Sara Ali Khan. For a very long time, Sara suffered from a hormonal medical condition. Because of that, it impacted her body a lot. But breaking through every bad comment, and pushing herself harder, this woman has truly proven herself. Moreover, she posts her gym photos on a daily basis!

2. Tiger Shroff

The man himself. If there is anyone who could compete with Hritik Roshan, it is Tiger Shroff. He’s a gymnast, dancer, and also a singer! He’s famous for his action films like Baaghi, War, etc. Although here is a fun fact about Tiger, his real name is Jai Hemant Shroff. Shocking right?

3. Malaika Arora

Similarly, Anarkali of Bollywood is a proper fitness follower. She follows yoga routines also religiously. There is not even a day when papparazzi don’t spot her outside her gym. The woman is 47 years old, and undoubtdly, unstoppable.

4. Vicky Kaushal

Nation’s heartthrob and also a gym junkie, Vicky Kaushal is one of the hottest actors of Bollywood. His recent workout pictures are drool-worthy. You can never stop looking at this man. How is he so charming and yet extremely powerful at the same time!

5. Shilpa Shetty

Not only Malaika, but Shilpa too is in the yoga business for a very long time now. Furthermore, Shilpa is an amazing dancer too! On one hand, she’s this really loving mother. And on the other hand, you get to see a whole different personality. A yogaholic for sure!

Lastly, all these great actors are just a small list of gym nerds. In contrast, there is whole lot of celebs that only focus on their acting skills. However, whatever these guys choose to do, we can never stop supporting them!

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