Love per Square Foot is a family movie? | Trending on Netflix

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If you are wondering about some Romcom on Netflix, you should definitely go for Love per Square Foot.

If you are binge-watching and craving for some rom-com, Love per Square Foot will end, you’re need. In 2018 Love per Square Foot was released in India. Since then, people are going crazy over the movie. However, the film faced a lot of critics. But the good thing is, it is now trending on Netflix. In fact, the movie will make you fall in love with it. You can watch it with your family but keep in mind it is a 16 plus movie. It means you will come across some swear words and some sexual talks. Anand Tiwari directed this movie with a 67% audience score. However, Love per Square Foot is a family movie but with a few restrictions.

Recently on social media, Netflix is promoting the comforting love story. The audience always loves the infusion of Romance and Comedy. 

The movie stars Vicky Kaushal and Angira. The handsome hunk of Bollywood has some romance with the cutie Angira. Netflix captions the post with, 

“Love Per Square Foot is such a perfectly comforting, feel-good movie. It starts with people so much like us — Sanju wearing his bag back-to-front in the crush of the local train, Karina slyly fighting him for an auto by walking just a few steps further than him — and it aims to take us somewhere just as relatable — the simple dream of a home of one’s own.

Along the way we have a delicious buffet of side characters (including the Pathak sisters!!), perfect snapshots of office life and the adorably cute chemistry of the 2-for-1 dimple pack of @vickykaushal09 and @angira. And all the warmth, love and shenanigans that it takes to really make a house a home.” 

Is it a family movie?

The movie can be categorized as a family movie, but it is 16 plus and above. The film has some swear words and some sexual elements. It does not consist of over-sexuality or nudity. It also has a straightforward storyline about how the girl and boy fall in love. Love per Square Foot is currently trending on Netflix. Vicky is giving a rocking performance with Angira. 


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