Madhuri Dixit and Norah Fatehi shares dance steps | The video goes VIRAL

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Bollywood sensations share dance steps on Dance Deewane. Both Madhuri and Norah are slaying with their moves in the video.

When it comes to dancing, no one can stop themselves from showing their moves. Here are the judges of the reality show Dance Deewane showing their moves on Ek do Teen. The video is viral by now. Madhuri, in her pink Lehenga, is capturing the hearts. Whereas, Norah in her long silver dress, is raising the temperature. However, both Madhuri Dixit and Norah Fatehi shared a few steps on Mera Piya Ghar Aye earlier.

Recently, Madhuri shared a video on her Instagram handle. The iconic dancer shares steps with the Dilbar girl. Both of them have set the stage on fire. Norah Fatehi is the guest for this week’s Dance Deewane. They share their hook steps for different songs. Indeed the fans are happy to see Madhuri and Norah showing off their moves together. Soon after Madhuri and Norah finished with Mera Piya Ghar Aye, Norah taught her the hook step for Dilbar. Today, the dance continues with Ek Do Teen. It is entertaining to watch the show when the star has fun. The video shows Norah and Madhuri are having a joyful time on the show. 

Madhuri Dixit and Norah Fatehi are on point.

Madhuri captions her video with “Ek Don teen” as Norah and her share the hook step. However, apart from the dance moves, both of them are looking stunning. Madhuri in her light and dark pink Lehenga paired with a diamond necklace and also a pair of earrings. She knows the perfect look for herself. Indeed Norah is no less behind. She is wearing a white and silver gown with a couple of beautiful earrings. The fans are showing love to the video and sharing it like crazy. At the end of the step, Norah gives a small laugh as Madhuri smiles. 

Till now, the iconic ladies shared steps on Piya Ghar Aye, Dilbar, and Ek Do Teen. We are hoping more videos will drop by soon. They might share some more hoke steps. 


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