Movies Based on Genocides across the world! Raw and Real Facts

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The biggest Genocide in the world will shock you. The Kashmir Genocide still ranks high! Here is an honest review! Grab a cup of tea and let’s talk about movies based on Genocides across the world.


Humanity has experienced mass suffering and killings in the form of Genocides. The world never learns and such incidents keep on repeating. Power is a weapon and can lead to destruction when in the wrong hands. Thus this article focuses on the Genocides across the world and the movies that were inspired by them. Movies are a powerful weapon as they narrate stories unheard of. Gradually people try to learn from them. Hopefully, we have come a long way and such things come to an end now! Communal, racial, religious genocides need to come to an end for world peace.

First up on the list is the Jewish Genocide wherein 6 million people were killed. The murder was a way of cleansing the Jewish race. Next, we have the 1971 Bangladeshi Genocide on the list, where reportedly 3,00,000 people were killed. Then we have Rwanda Genocide where 5,00,000-8,00,000 people were killed. Finally, we have the 1990’s Exodus/ Genocide of Kashmir where according to sources 50-100 individuals were killed. 1,20,000- 1,40,000 Kashmiri Pandits fled their motherland.

These exoduses will end only when people try not to forget the horrors experienced by humanity! Here are some movies based on Genocides across the world.

movies based on Genocides across the world. Movies based on the Jewish Genocide(The Holocaust)


You imagine Adolf Hitler to be a villain, but through this movie, you can see his grey colors. It will make you see him as a fellow human being. The movie takes us on a journey of the madness, evilness, and charm of Hitler. It will focus on the downfall of the Hitler era. The journey of the film is seen through the eyes of secretary Traudl Junge. She recalls that Hitler was in a world of his own. Towards his end. He had lost touch with reality. He would issue orders to the troops that were already dead. Seek help from imaginary sources. Insanity was driving him crazy as he couldn’t accept the defeat of the german army in World War 2. Also, he could sense his coming end.

This movie provides the real picture of the Nazis. How a community of people destroyed the Jews. Bruno Ganz played Hitler on screen and did an amazing job. Finally, survivors of the holocaust were crying on seeing the movie. It received a mixed response worldwide.

2) Schindler’s list(1994)

This movie has one of the best screenplays! with black and white and shades of grey, it explores lifelessness and misery. With no background music on the brutal scenes and soft classical sounds in calmer scenes. It sets up the perfect pitch of the movie. In this movie, the Jewish Holocaust is brought to attention. Further, we see the visual scenes wherein Jewish people were pushed into gas chambers. Finally, the Germans burned the pile of dead bodies of Jews. How heartbreaking! It clearly shows Power in the hands of a fool can be misused. This movie forced the Germans to look into their horrible history. It made them question whether they would have done the same or have learned from the past? The Jewish people reacted strongly and remembered the horrible old days.

3)The Diary of Anne Frank(1959)

Anne Frank, a 13-year-old Jewish girl has written a diary on the happenings of her daily life. Her family was hiding from the Nazis. She wrote in a diary about her days spend in isolation. During World War 2, her family had to go in isolation in an attic of a trusted German household. The grief, fright, and destruction that the Jewish Holocaust had on them are all mentioned in her diary. Through this diary, we see the perspective of a young mind during disparity. Her father was the only surviving member of the holocaust. Finally, he decided to publish her diary. The diary was the script for the movie.

4)Life is beautiful(1997)

The movie is based on a Jewish-Italian man named Rubino Romeo Salmoni. Which deals with his experiences at the hands of Nazis. Firstly, the Nazis caught the family and put them in concentration camps. In the movie, a father shields the child from trauma by bringing humor every now and then. Though tragedy is a part of the movie. Even after the death of the father, the child is able to survive the holocaust due to the tactics his father taught him. Finally, the mother and son reunite after the holocaust and the movie ends. This movie has an essence of humor, tragedy, and love. Making it a must-watch!

(movies based on Genocides across the world)Movies based on Bangladeshi Genocide

This movie gives an idea about the violence Bangladeshis have experienced at the hands of the Pakistan army. It particularly focuses on the rape of Bengali women by the Pakistanis. Lastly, even children were not safe. While trying to deliver the work of a journalist to a local news station. We see the death of the child. One of the scenes is the Pakistani army waiting to kill the Bangladeshis who try to cross the bridge. This holocaust was no lesser than the Jewish Holocaust. But the incidents of communal violence never seem to come to an end here.

Movies based on the Rwandan Genocide

1)Hotel Rwanda(2004)

The Rwandan Genocide occurred between 7 April and 15 July 1994 during the Rwanda Civil war. Thus the armed militant killed nearly 5,00,000-8,00,000 people. The movie, Hotel Rwanda speaks on the efforts of the hotelier in saving the lives of his family and 1000’s of others. Further, the movie deals with the brutality of the war and the valor of people. Definitely a must-watch. It narrates the haunting tale of an international community overpowering the country’s own people. Finally, this movie deals with the killing of innocent people when the outside world didn’t seem to care.

(movies based on Genocides across the world)Movies based on Kashmiri Genocide

1)The Kashmir Files

With its gut-wrenching visuals, Kashmiri folk songs are in the background. This movie will make tears fall from your eyes. The Vivek Agnihotri film will make you question humanity. The Kashmir Files asks a direct question – “How low can one sink?”.Thus the story begins with a curious boy next door trying to navigate what exactly happened in the valley. The sequence of events deals with the traumatic part of history that the mainstream media still doesn’t give attention to. For instance, In the movie, we see the brutal shooting of Mr. Pandit who was hidden in a rice drum in the storeroom.

Mr. B.K. Ganjoo was the inspiration behind the scene. Here 3 terrorists entered the house and the neighbor was the one who gave way to his hidden spot. Lastly, the wife was asked to feed on the blood-soaked rice of her husband. Besides, the Sexual harassment sequences will leave you in tears. Finally, the horror of a woman being killed by an ax machine is beyond terrifying!


We hope this article gives you an insight into the movies on Holocaust. These movies bring in the message of peace and the impact of war on people’s minds. Hope you have a great time watching.

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