Neha Kakkar spends much awaited time with her husband in lockdown

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Check out Neha Kakkar’s cutest images with Rohan Preet!

The most talented singer Neha Kakkar shares the memories she is creating with Rohan. The two are holding guitars and having the time of their lives. As the corona cases are rising every day, we are once again in lockdown. The recently wed couple is getting to spend so much time together!

Also,for those who don’t know, there is a song too for Neha’s wedding. Nehu Da Vyah is trending even today! The two look extremely cute together. From what we get to see on Instagram, the two are children at heart. If there is anyone who can manage to love Neha’s quirkiness, it is Rohan!

The two are becoming the “couple goals” in bollywood. Thus, the amount of fun these two are having is really heart-melting. Also, you can see daily updates by either of them. They share reels, IGTVs tweets, and whatnot.

On Valentine’s day, Rohan got inked. ” Neha’s Man” is tattooed on his arm. How cute is that? Neha is usually the one who makes the reels. Always hyping up her brother’s songs in her videos, Tony also joins her madness. She calls herself Mrs. Singh. Moreover, Neha’s family celebrated Holi together this year. The Indian idol judge always manages to make us smile.

There is not a single post where you don’t see her smiling. That pretty smile is all the more reason we are such big fans. With a generous heart like Neha’s, anybody will fall in love.

Lastly, there are also so many people who troll Neha for her appearance. But she is beautiful, inside out. Her overwhelming happiness is too cute to not notice. In contrast, you will always see Rohan acting like her, to support her!

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