Netflix and Chill with these popular Documentaries

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Netflix and Chill ! The most favorite slang of almost every youth right now but what if we could put this habit to good use.

You heard it right, what if half of our Netflix and Chill time is devoted to watching documentaries that somehow tells us about real-life events or incidents in an interesting manner. Netflix is undoubtedly dominating the video streaming platform. An average Netflix user has watched for around 1,100 hours per year streaming on the application. While Netflix has remained famous for binge-watching, it has also emphasized the importance of watching documentaries. For instance, the documentary “Tiger King” got as famous as one of the most-watched web series “La Casa de Papel / Money Heist”.

There is nothing as good as a documentary to get your head around the incidents that one should be aware of. Our culture is habituated to watching movies and web shows and the right way to teach about the massive events that had a profound impact could be through documentaries only. There is a lot to learn from such movies or series which could be the main reason for producing them.

Now let’s sit back and binge-watch the most popular and interesting documentaries so far on Netflix. In short, let’s Netflix and Chill.

The Social Dilemma

This documentary is an eye-opener for those constantly stuck on social media or mobile phones because it portrays the dark side of being so active on social platforms. It tells us the backstory of our actions on social media handles and how it affects us. We are a tool for tech designers to build a model through the ways we act, think, and live our lives. You might not directly know but they are controlling our lives indirectly, they have indirect control over what we see, think, and behave.

The film features interviews of many former employees, professionals and executives from top tech firms and social media companies, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. The interviewees explain the algorithm behind all these platforms and our usage’s political, social, and mental consequences. This award-winning documentary is a must-watch for all the social media addicts to reduce their time on these platforms, not eliminate them because there are positive aspects as well.

14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible

Fearless Nepali mountaineer Nimsdai Purja embarks on a journey to climb all eight thousander 14 peaks over 7 months, setting a new world record. The previous record was 7 years. The mountaineer himself acted in the documentary and his family was also involved. This mission was named Project Possible by Nirmal Purja, who actually completed all the peaks within 6 months and 6 days. The documentary is all about hard work, dedication, and effort. If an individual is full of these three things, no one can stop them from achieving their goals. The mountaineer climbed all the peaks without any self-doubts despite constant pressure from everyone. He was never discouraged by anyone’s thoughts and concentrated on a single vision throughout his journey. It is a must-watch for anyone feeling disappointed due to a failure because this film will surely serve as a cheer up for them.

Bad Boy Billionaires: India

India’s most infamous tycoons who did some of the biggest scams in the country were documented to make a film. It is a series of 3 episodes showing the lives of Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and Subrata Roy. The series is about how they lived before, the scams they did, and their lives thereafter. It explores the scandals done by these three billionaires, who were successful enough in their respective fields.

House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths

A story that left everyone lost for words and their souls shuddered. This documentary films a tragic incident in the Burari area of Delhi. A family of 11 members were found hanging in their house, which shook everyone at first sight because this was something not very normal. Everyone, including the police to everyone in the city, was full of news regarding this family but the cause was still unknown.

Though initially, it felt like suicide but after further investigations, it turned out to be the opposite. The youngest son of the family after his father’s death started manipulating everyone in the family by stating that his father instructs him every day about how to run their lives through his dreams. The son noted down everything in a diary and then followed by all the members. For the sake of the family’s peace, he asked all of them to conduct a ‘Bodh Puja’ and hang like a banyan tree on the 11th day of puja. Also, it stated that their father will come and save all of them once they hang themselves. But everyone’s death was certain. This was something to take as a lesson for the society because belief in god and such things is something different and being superstitious is different.

Worst Roommate Ever

This documentary is the story of four cases of roommates who abused their positions of trust. They moved in with people and then murdered them one or the other way. It is a true-crime documentary showing the malevolent and violent intentions of people. The people were either squatters, scammers, or killers. It includes the interviews of people who knew these terrible roommates. At first, they seemed quiet and harmless but later, they turned their lives into the worst real-life nightmares.

The Great Hack

A company named Cambridge Analytica used social media data as a weapon to help politicians win elections. Facebook provided the data for the sale of items. But the company misused it and they started advertising political campaigns on Facebook to brainwash people to vote for their preferred politicians. The mystery was how Cambridge Analytica was able to get the data from Facebook. This leakage of data led to the disruption of elections in the USA and UK. For a sales strategy, the firm collected the data but used it without people’s consent. The scandal reached such an extent that Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, had to testify in front of various committees.

The Mind, Explained

Ever wondered what happens inside your brain when you perform certain actions? This documentary tells the story of the functioning of our brains. It tells us how the mind functions when it dreams or when it consumes drugs. There are various episodes, varying from memory to dreams to mindfulness to many more. Why do we dream? Why do we face anxiety? How much control do we have over personalities? Why do we forget things? How to remain focused? How does the teenage brain function? Answers of these questions are in this series with two seasons. It tells us how our conscious and subconscious mind works. This series will not only let you Netflix and Chill but will also tell you about the ways to chill your mind.

The Tinder Swindler

As the name suggests, this crime documentary is related to the dating application Tinder. An Israeli conman who used Tinder to connect with a woman and initially, tricks her into showing off his lavish lifestyle. Gradually, he manipulates the woman and seeks financial help from her by creating a fake situation. The woman, on the other hand, borrows loans from various sources to help the conman. Before the woman gets to know about this scam, he breaks off all the contacts from her. He repeatedly performed this scheme with various other girls all around the world and swindled around $10 million from them.

One of the women thought to raise the voice through social media and news channels, and fortunately, another woman who was currently in a relationship with the conman got to know about this. Thereafter, all the women whom he cheated came together and threw him behind the bars. Not everything that glitters is gold.

Money, Explained

This documentary explains the ways we earn and spend money, it tells us about our spending patterns and saving patterns. It shows the functioning of credit cards, student loans, our brains while we gamble, retirement plans and other things. Using animations and expert interviews, financial concepts are explained to the viewers readily. Financial literacy is quite important, yet this concept is still foreign to many people across the world. Schools and other educational institutions are realizing its importance and are including this subject in their curriculum. They are introducing many new courses to help students get a better understanding of how money works. A track of the income sources and expenditures help us plan our future in a better way.

The era of comedy, drama, suspense and romantic films is undying but is slowly including even real-life stories in the form of documentaries. The movies and series mentioned above are, in some way, teaching us a lesson and helping us indirectly. Netflix & Chill has now evolved as a concept and now includes some informative shows to watch as well. So, let’s grab a tub of cheese popcorn and ice cream and watch these documentaries full of thrill, mystery, and facts. For the last time, come let’s Netflix & Chill.

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