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Ajeeb Daastaans perfectly shows the unspoken feelings in society.

The anthology of the four shorts in this film is extremely fascinating to look at. Ajeeb Daastaans will make you question so many things. The feelings of jealousy, toxicity and so many more that we tend to hide. All of those feelings are shown in their true form.

Firstly, the movie unfolds the various characteristics of the cast. Every actor is doing a commendable job. All the cast members are highly underrated in this industry. These people stand out and prove to be the best in business.

Bollywood, where movies are mostly fantasy romantics, Ajeeb Daastaans breaks the barrier of that stereotype. The 4 stories are just an illusion. There is so much more to see in what is happening. This creation has blown our minds in an unexplained manner.

Secondly, the emotions that the shorts have are very real. It is connected to the cultures the country consists of. Explains all the problems that exist but we don’t speak about. If you are one to believe in a new thinking mindset, this movie is for you.

The movie is an adult film but teenagers can watch this to understand what actually happens. The expansion and diversification are uncanny. In today’s times, toxic relationships are rising. There is hardly any understanding between a couple however they still want to make it work. You will witness this situation here clearly.

Lust, desire, drama, and every other emotion that we think is only for millennials. But it is actually for adults too. Moreover, It is true, not all of us show our real selves.

Do not miss out on this beautiful creation by Dharma Productions. It is time to unleash reality! Get in your blankets and prepare to feel ajeeb with the star cast of Ajeeb Daastaans!

Streaming only on Netflix.

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