Peaky Blinders actress Helen McCrory dies aged 52

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Helen Elizabeth McCrory OBE was an English actress. Making her debut in 1990, she’s a queen of hearts even today. Best known for starring in Peaky Blinders and the Harry Potter films.
Peaky blinders actress Helen is one of the strongest actors in Hollywood. Her fan following is such, and her charm was to melt for. The 52-year-old was battling cancer. Her husband, Damian Lewis announces this saddening reality for the audience. He also mentioned that she dies peacefully at home.

The offical page of Peaky Blinders pays their respect for the legendary Helen mcroy. They call her inspirational, joyous hilarious, and incredibly moving. It is a huge loss for the fans and the for the show crew as well. A decade of working with her, truly made them one big happy family.

There is nothing sadder than that of losing someone you love. But as they say, with death comes peace. It exists with everything that we hold close to our hearts. Helen might not be with us anymore, but she will live an eternity in people’s hearts.

The family and fans will take time to make it through, it indeed is a great loss. Helen was and will remain one of the happiest women.
Here are some of her famous lines from her work since the 90s:

Peaky Blinders actress Helen McCrory once said
” When you’re dead already, you’re free”
“I’m having trouble these days and I’m twice the man you are”
“Sometimes the women have to take over, like in war.”

“I feel as though my life is bathed in golden sunlight. And the really wonderful thing is that I know it.”
“I’m a very positive person. My grandmother taught me that happiness is both a skill and a decision, and you are responsible for the outcome.”

We pray for Helen’s family’s healthy living. Rest in Peace, Legend.

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