Preity Zinta: ‘It’s always a pressure to be a filmstar’

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The actress talks about her image and much more about life!

Preity Zinta, yes the gorgeous, funny, spunky Preity is an ideal package and an actress who seems to be utterly made for her times. She shares some of her stories which have been highly impactful. Let’s hear to Preity’s thoughts on her life and much more she has to say!

She reveals that she had no burning passion for doing films. With that toss of the coin, she made her decision to sign a film. She says, “The burning passion came when Saroj Ji used to scream at me on sets.” So after toiling her individuality through hard work and utterly being sincere, Preity was able to create her place among everyone’s heart.

The actress was from an army background. Preity shares a glimpse of an incident, where she says her parents were embarrassed and upset. She went into a party proclaiming she was’18’ and made a stupid appearance. She says, ‘It was too crazy but with doing films, it’s all gone’.

Koi Mil Gaya actress feels that even though she portrays her real being, ‘It’s always a pressure to be the filmstar.’ She hates that pressure totally. She had to edit her image since she feels its more pressure on the outside than on sets. Preity shares on her father’s demise. She lost him when she was 13, never saw her father’s body. It was an accident. Preity says, ‘I clung on to everything my father had said and taught me.

Do you know, Preity is really good in reading people? She shares that, ‘I have an instinctive gut to read people, I sometimes let my body to listen’.

Preity Zinta reveals that if there is no one around her, she’d die. She calls herself ‘People’s person’. Well all her fans love her too for having such an amazing personality.

The actress also makes a shocking relevance. She shares how she had received threats from the underworld. Labelling her as ‘Man’ was a sign of huge hypocrisy. The actress reveals that at that point she was really helpless with the system of the country. This really made her upset and vulnerable. She feels standing up for anything has no value but there should be value.

Preity’s relationship with her co-stars is more of a positive vibe than she feeling attracted to any of them. She clears her rumours with Aamir Khan and Sanjay Dutt. She says, “It’s disgusting to hear rumours and such involvement with people you vibe positively.”

Preity says she feels proud if other women admire her partner. She would take it in a sporting way and feel secure rather. The actress reveals that after having a family someday she would therefore quit ‘showbiz in order to avoid pressure.

Preity Zinda loves to be in the moment. Her smile drives us back to our childhood days so innocent and pretty just like her.

Hope to see this ‘Veer Zara’ actress back on screen!

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