Ranveer Singh and S. Shankar team up for a new upcoming | BIG NEWS!

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Bollywood star Ranveer Singh join hands with Filmmaker S. Shankar for the upcoming remake of a Tamil film.

Ranveer Singh and S. Shankar team up for a new upcoming | BIG NEWS!

It is a piece of big news for today as Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh collaborated with S. Shankar for a remake of Anniyan. S. Shankar, who made blockbusters with the Indian superstars, will also make the Hindi Remake on a gigantic canvas. He is popularly known for 2.0 and Shivaji. On Tamil New Year’s occasion, Ranveer Singh took his social media to announce the new collaboration with S.Shankar. Moreover, it is great news as Ranveer is now a part of the Pan-India collaboration. However, after a long time we will see Ranveer playing multiple characters in one film.

Ranveer Singh has a proud moment to be in the remake of Anniyan. He will be working with S. Shankar and Jayantilal Gada. We cannot wait to see his character in the new movie. However, it is in talks that the film will come across in mid-2022. The shooting for the same will start soon. The makers will keep in mind the safety of the actors and crew members. However, the story’s slight theme is about how a man takes the law into his hand to fight against corruption. It is one of the favorite themes of Shankar. Indeed the psychological thriller explores multiple personality disorders, which is the original theme for the 2005 Anniyan. The protagonist of the film suffers from multiple disorder syndrome. The story takes many twists and turns. Indeed the story is powerful enough to engage the viewers.

Shankar says that he has seen the spark in Ranveer. He can mesmerize the audience with his stellar performances. In collaboration with Pen Studios and God Bless Entertainment the makers can pull out the story. The remake will be buzzing with love.

Ranveer Singh will play the lead in the Hindi remake of Anniyan.

Gully Boy and also Padmavat actor has a lot to do in the film. The director have a good catch of the cast . Here, he have Ranveer Singh, who never fails to woo the viewers. Taking the news to Instagram, he wrote, “Proudly announcing my collaboration with the pioneering visionary of Indian cinema, the maverick master craftsman SHANKAR powered by veteran film producer Dr. Jayantilal Gada.” Ranveer Singh suits the character Vikram as he goes through multiple personas, as we have seen Ranveer portraying different roles in most movies. Comparatively Ranveer is the best suit for the lead.

Gully Boy and Padmavat actor has another upcoming film, 83. The fans are sitting, anticipated to watch him on the screen. However, S. Shankar will be coming up with Indian 2 starring Kamal Hassan. There are a lot of things going on in Bollywood. As the credibility is rising Ranveer Singh and S. Shankar will make this film turn into a Blockbuster. Although the movie has a long way to go, it will hit the screens the coming year. Indeed Ranveer is a great actor with a lot expressions.

In an interview Ranveer Singh mentioned he is happy to work with Shankar. Singh says it is a blessing for him to be a part of this cinematic idea. By adding to his statement he also mentions the star of Tamil Vikram. Singh admires Vikram as he calls him the finest star of India. However, he really hopes that he could do his best to portray the character to connect with the viewers. Anniyan have the potenttial to hit the chords with the powerful story it depicts. It will jab you for sure.







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