Rekha and her guide to womanhood, freedom, career and transformation

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Know what she has to say on woman, love and much more!

Rekha and her guide to womanhood, freedom, career and transformation is highly informative and insightful. The women of today are going through a very exciting phase. They are interestingly waged between two worlds.  On one hand it’s the old world traditions of marriage and family whereas on the other is the new world of feminism, freedom and career. Likewise it’s exciting for women to have both.

 Let’s hear to this woman who is admired by both men and women. She is gorgeous, evergreen and most importantly a legend that the Bollywood industry has ever got, she is ‘Rekha’.

Rekha on ‘luck’ and much more!

Rekha while speaking on women’s transformation and appearance feels that women can achieve anything they want. She totally abides by the fact that the transformation should be both from inside and outside. She says, “To be a beautiful woman, one has to be physically fit”. Rekha absolutely believes that immense hardwork, willpower and discipline are the key factors to lead to achieve success.

While asking that what is the most important factor that has contributed to Rekha’s success, she feels that no matter how talented, professional, hardworking one maybe it’s all about ‘luck’ that matters the most. In the words of Rekha, “If one seems to be lucky then everything one does wrong seems right.”

Talking on love and marriage she feels that love has always been there since she has received abundance of it. To career and marriage, both seems different. Every woman has a choice. She feels it’s very important for women to establish and become independent in every way. To Rekha, love means not being possessive. When asked her ‘Would you give up everything for the man you love?’…. to this she replies beautifully that she would never fall in love with a man who would desire her to give up everything for his betterment. She also believes that a woman should never give up her career or whatever she’s doing for the sake of a man and “Why should she?”

She absolutely believes that a woman is stronger than a man and also that the man knows about it deep inside. Rekha feels that only an intelligent and a down-to-earth man will admit this fact.

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