Samantha Akkineni In The Family Man Season 2 : She didn’t feel like…

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Samantha Akkineni In The Family Man Season 2

Its no secret now that Samantha Akkineni is starring in The Family Man season 2. Also, did you know? That this series is Samantha’s first ever big project outside the Tamil and Telugu Industry! Samantha is a talented and versatile actress when it comes to her skills. And during an interview, Raj and DK revealed that it was Samantha who convinced them that she can do this role; as she always wanted to do something rough and different from her usual roles. Also, Raj and DK are the director-duo who are popular for mainly working on Hindi and Tamil films and projects. Raj and DK wanted someone from the Tamil Industry to do the role, instead of someone from Mumbai, as they wanted natural and true to core character. Although they weren’t sure whether Samantha could do it, as the role was quite demanding, both physically and mentally.

Samantha Akkineni In The Family Man Season 2
Raj and DK along with Samantha Akkineni and Priyamani

Samantha Akkineni revealed that the role was in fact quite demanding for her, as well as physically and emotionally exhausting. But even after the role being difficult and quite different than she is accustom to, she was willing to go on set everyday. She revealed that the work environment was very different; and liberty to discuss and do the role accordingly instead of just listening to the director. Raj and DK created a friendly working environment, but it was tough too. As one had to immerse themselves in their role.

Samantha Akkineni and all about her role! A protagonist or an antagonist?

Is Samantha playing a protagonist or an antagonist? In the trailer she is saying “I will kill them!” repeatedly, and we believe that’s not what a protagonist will say, right? Most probably Samantha will be portraying as a member of a terrorist group, who have something big planned in Chennai. In an interview, when asked how does it feel to play the antagonist, on this Samantha says that she didn’t really feel that she was playing a negative role. As Raj and DK had written the story in an unbiased way, not taking anyone’s side. Samantha says that she felt that it was a role that she had to play, instead of feeling that she will play a negative role in the series.

Samantha Akkineni In The Family Man Season 2

So basically, the craze, the intensity , the darkness that an antagonist portray as when doing a negative role, she didn’t feel like that. Intense? Yes, the role was intense as it was physically and emotionally exhausting. Although the role is quite demanding, she had fun while playing the character. Samantha Akkineni and all about her role in The Family Man Seaso

We can also see a cut on her face in the official poster, and it seems there will be a story regarding that cut as well. Samantha was very tight lipped during her interviews, to not leak any important info about her character. And it seems we will have to wait to know the story behind it until June 4, 2021.

What will The Family Man Season 2 Bring for its audience?

And the wait is finally over! isn’t it? Well, one would say that we waited so long for the second season, and what if it’s not worth it? Worth it or not, that’s on you, the audience and the critics to decide. Although when the teaser released in January 20221, fans expected to get the news of the upcoming series a little sooner. But nonetheless, something is better than nothing, and surely the creators had their reasons for delaying the release. And anyways the trailer itself shows that we are going to get another hit series to look forward to. The underlying humour in between serious scenes, the family drama, keeping a straight face in front of wife and kids, Srikant Tiwari is the perfect Family man, or is he?

Samantha Akkineni In The Family Man Season 2

With a new job, a new backdrop and new crisis, will Srikant be able to manage his personal life and professional life? Or will it be like the last season? Will Srikant and Suchitra grow closer? Or will Srikant’s job become the mistress of their marriage? This thriller drama is all about the amazing plot-line, amazing characters and versatile actors. This series marks Manoj Bajpayee longest running character in his acting career.

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