Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN completes 5 years of release!

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Celebrate the madness of FAN with Shah Rukh Khan today

A movie like FAN (2016) leaves you thinking about what a man can do if he puts his heart in it. The script revolves around a boy who is a big Fan of actor Aryan Khanna. The god is such, that this boy resembles his idol! Shah Rukh Khan in and as Fan has done a tremendous job.

Receiving a lot of love and support from the audience, FAN completes 5 years of the release today. King Khan can never fail to impress us with the choice of movies he makes. There have been a lot of flops in the recent past but the King will own the throne forever.

FAN is basically a revenge action thriller. As good as it sounds, the climax takes a very dramatic turn. We all know about the fan following for SRK. The man owns this industry, without any doubt. But being so obsessive is one of the cons in this fan following. The movie shows the actual behavior that tends to happen these days. In our country, Bollywood stars are people’s gods.

Moreover, there is a lot that you get to learn from the film. A celebrity might be a god to you but keeping expectations from them is something they can’t control.

However, the cinematic experience is worth experiencing. The box office collections worldwide for FAN are US$26 million! (188.4 crores)

Here is an unknown fact for you all
Shah Rukh Khan played both roles. He sat for 2 hours daily to get his makeup done for Gaurav ( fanboy ). There is so much that happens behind the camera. The execution is what we see, the efforts are what we don’t.

You can celebrate the release of FAN by watching it only on YouTube. Additionally, If you’re an SRK fan, take notes from this movie!

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