Sonakshi Sinha’s Transformation is truly inspiring | Secret behind her fitness

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Sonakshi is flaunting her sexy figure over social media. The transformation is impressive, but what is her secret behind her fitness?

Recently the actor posted her fitness post on Instagram. The fans were stunned by her weight loss. Some, in fact, commented, ‘Duplicate Sona.’ The pandemic has restricted many at home, but the celebs cannot stay away from fitness. Sonakshi Sinha’s Transformation is inspiring for most of her fans. The transformation is inspiring because she worked hard on her physical health. In 2010 before debuting in Dabangg, she was approximately 100 Kgs. Indeed, she was overweight, but her determination was strong enough to lose 30 kgs at the very beginning. Although it was difficult, she made this happen. Indeed, Sona is inspiring.

Recently she could not resist and post some of her workout pictures. She has been working out from her house and maintaining her strength. However, in her past life, she was the victim of much criticism and bullying. Her schoolmates body-shamed her for being overweight, but now she slammed those faces with her transformation. The journey from fat to fit is harrowing, but you will love it in the end. 

Sonakshi’s secret routine

The only spell you should know is a workout and healthy food to become fit. Here is Sonakshi’s strict diet schedule:

  1. She begins her day with warm water, lime, and honey.
  2. For breakfast, she consumes low-fat milk and cereals. 
  3. At lunch, she eats fresh veggies, which are the source of minerals, and in between, she sips green tea to keep her body toxin-free.
  4. For dinner, she avoids having carbohydrates and instead consumes meat or daal, which is suitable for proteins. 

Here is not the end. The actor hits the gym twice a day to keep herself in shape. She does a mix of exercises from cardio to weight lifting. However, she keeps on eating every two to three hours to maintain her metabolism rate. Apart from the gym she also goes swimming. In short, she loves working out all her extra skin. 

Lastly, she drinks plenty of water to keep herself hydrated and free from toxins. In fact, the proper amount of sleep is necessary for the body to work. However, as the cravings arise, Sona cannot hold her eating habits, but she ensures her fitness the next day. Indeed, the fan are stunned with Sonakshi Sinha’s Transformation.


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