SRK and Gauri khan’s love story for all the millennials out there

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“Agar kisi cheez ko shiddat se chaho toh poori kayanaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mei lag jaati hai.”
This very dialogue of SRK proved itself when he finally married the love of his life. SRK and Gauri Khan’s love story is unicorn wonderland.
The two are married for 30 years now! 30 years of unconditional love. They are truly an inspiring couple of Bollywood.

Love, at first sight, becomes true. SRK saw Gauri for the first time at a party. He wanted to dance with her but didn’t really have the courage. But she was dancing with some other boy which broke 18-year-old SRK’s heart. But Gauri fell for SRK eventually. What is impressive that SRK used to be shy, but for Gauri, he gathers all the courage he can! Of course, Gauri fell for the courage he possesses and the forever-lasting style! A start to this love story has its own ups and downs.

Fights and immaturity. SRK is very possessive when it comes to his love. There were times when Gauri felt that this behavior is not acceptable. She once got really upset and left town with her friends without informing SRK. As a consequence, King khan realized what his mistake is and did everything in his power to bring her back. It is that time that he searched the Bombay city up and down for her. Ultimately, the two got together, forgetting the bad happenings of past

Here comes the tough phase of their love life. Gauri belongs to a Brahmin family and SRK is a Muslim. In a country where religion plays such an important role, the problem obviously came in the way. However, the two have an attitude of never giving up. Doing everything in their power to get married is what impresses their families. Both the families thought that they are very naive. But when there’s true love, naive is the way to be sure!

SRK’s struggle for getting Bollywood is very famous. But the struggle of wanting to spend his life with Gauri is applaudable. The two are happy parents to 3 beautiful children. Gauri is a successful interior designer. They have a huge mansion in Mumbai. Lastly, they have each other.

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