Sushmita Sen’s motivational Fitness Hack and sharing a ‘Feeling’

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Miss Universe Sushmita Sen shares her fitness routine on her social media. Motivates her feeling to grow stronger.

Sushmita Sen’s motivational Fitness Hack and sharing a ‘Feeling’

Sushmita Sen, who bagged her national Award, is inspiring others with her fitness. Miss Universe Sushmita Sen has always been an inspiration for others. She is a down-to-earth lady and shares the idea of humanity. However, she recently achieved the Award for Social welfare & Women empowerment. In fact, she celebrated her huge success with her boyfriend and daughters. On Saturday, Sen showed her gratitude on a Live video. Whereas she quoted, “Thank you @championsofchangeawards for this National Award for Social welfare & Women empowerment I receive it on behalf of our Nation’s strongest backbone, WOMEN!!! Thank you for honouring us!!! Let’s continue to take small steps & big changes will follow!!! Love, Gratitude & Respect!!” Indeed she cannot stop motivating others to stay fit. Here is Sushmita Sen’s motivational Fitness hacks.

Miss Universe Sushmita Sen’s Fitness and Strength

In the year 1998, she jabbed her title of Miss Universe. Sen also knew about her fitness is the key to a better life. The 48-year-old shared a video of her workout session. Sen is showing all her strength she acquired with her fitness lessons. For her, meditation is the action, and sharing her sense makes her alive. On the video, she writes, “#meditation in action 

#sharing a feeling, I call alive It doesn’t take strength…it takes WILL!!! Back to my practice…HOW I’ve missed this feeling!!! I love guys!!!

In the reel, we see Sen holding onto the rings and flipping her body to balance in the air. She keeps all her strength on the wide rings. Indeed Sushmita Sen is an inspiration for everyone. However, she did a lot for women and their rights. She hangs on to her will to work. However, the fans are numb. They cannot believe that Sen has the strength to hang herself in the air. Miss Universe is our motivation and strength. The comments are overflowing with love and thumbs up. Sushmita Sen’s motivational Fitness will truly inspire you for more fitness.

Indeed Sushmita is no less laid back in her professional field. She will feature in Aarya 2. Sen did the first season for Aarya, which was released on the OTT platform. In fact here she is gearing up for the next one. 


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