From Sanjay Dutt to Amitabh Bachchan, these Bollywood actors defeated so deadliest diseases!

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As a spectator, the lives of Bollywood actors might seem luxurious and happy on the outside but deep inside, they might be hurt, either mentally or physically. Here’s the list of Bollywood actors who battled the deadliest diseases and came out strongly:

Sanjay Dutt

As tough as he sounds through his strong characters in the films, he emerged out strong equally from lung cancer. He was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer while shooting for KGF: Chapter 2 in August 2020.  His wife Maanayata Dutt revealed on social media his disease. The actor went to the US for his treatment. He even shared that he was taking a break from the industry for medical treatment.

Before a few days, he was even admitted to the Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai. At that time, he felt breathing problems and chest discomfort. While he underwent the treatment for cancer, the doctors warned him about his 50-50 chance to survive. He chose to see this chance from a positive approach. He accepted his illness with his strong willpower and ability. Even his doctor appraised his calmness while she broke the news to him. He didn’t waste any time and started his treatment. He had many films lined up back then, from KGF: Chapter 2 to Shamshera to Bhuj: The Pride of India.

Sanju Dada emerged victorious from this tough battle in October 2020 and took to social media to announce his recovery on his twins’ birthday. He thanked his family and well-wishers for staying with him during the tough days. The actor recovered well and has now appeared in many films.

Amitabh Bachchan

The legendary veteran actor faces a terrible disease called Myasthenia Gravis. While shooting for the film “Coolie” in 1982, he nearly met death because of an accident. He believes that he was reborn on 2nd August 1982. He suffered from splenic rupture while shooting and during the surgery, he went into a coma. After recovering from this, he got infected with Myasthenia Gravis, a muscle dysfunctional disorder. He couldn’t even perform the simplest of tasks, like holding a cup, brushing his teeth or walking a few steps. The symptoms include fast fatigue of any muscle under voluntary management. The communication failure between the muscles and nerves causes this. However, this disease tends to grow with time and reaches its worst after a few years.

Bachchan consulted the best doctors and started taking prescribed medications and therapy. He confessed to the media that he feels like not facing the camera ever again and quitting the industry. While he recovered from this disease, the doctors warned him about triggering off at any time in his body. It’s necessary to have nerves and muscles in optimal working condition. Regular exercising with a healthy diet keeps the muscles strong. After this disease, he came across another shocking fact as well. He realized that he is surviving on only 25% of the liver due to the Hepatitis B virus. The actor received 60 bottles of blood from around 200 donors and one of them carried this virus. He realized this abnormality in 2000 after completing a routine check-up. Even at this, he is listed in the list of strong Bollywood actors who can fight such deadliest diseases.

Irrfan Khan

The evergreen actor of Bollywood, who made a space in our hearts forever, won’t leave us ever. The actor got infected with a neuroendocrine tumour in 2018. The actor himself took to Twitter to share about his disease. In this case, cancer develops in cells known as neuroendocrine cells. Some of the infected ones develop symptoms whereas in some cases, incidental detection takes place. He soon went to London to pursue his treatment and took the best possible medical care. In 2019, after a short break from the film industry, he began shooting for the film “Angrezi Medium” in London and Rajasthan. His health again took a backlash while the promotions of the film began. He tweeted that there are some unwanted guests present in his body.

After taking chemotherapy for treating the tumour, the body’s immunity is lowered. When the white blood cells lower down in the body, a person is likely to develop infections. The actor started suffering from an infection in his colon, this happens when the lining of the colon, present inside the intestine, gets inflamed. Several diseases start revolving around the body in such cases. Due to his colon infection, the actor lost his life and we lost him on the 29th of April, 2020. Just a few days before his death, the actor even lost his mother on 25th April 2020. In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, we lost a true gem of the Bollywood and Hollywood industry. His last film launched in March 2020 gave us one last appearance on the screens.

Salman Khan

The Dabangg of Bollywood suffers from a fatal disease, called ‘suicide disease’ i.e., Trigeminal Neuralgia. In simple words, it is a facial nerve disorder. Salman first revealed this in Dubai at the launch of Tubelight’s first song ‘Radio’. He sometimes faced problems while speaking too. The disease leads to many suicides because it develops suicidal tendencies in the minds of patients. Salman, himself felt like committing suicide at one point. He worked harder and channelled his energies.

He talked about the symptoms for the first time back in 2001 and revealed something about flex and hoarseness in his voice, which was not because of drinking. This disease occurs due to inflammation of a trigeminal nerve in the face, which causes intense pain. This pain even leads to depression in some patients. There are no particular reasons for this, but it could be due to compressed aneurysms, blood vessels, or tumours in the face. The symptoms of this disease include pain on one side of the face, which occurs while brushing the teeth or washing the face. He went to the US for its treatment. He underwent surgery in Los Angeles and it went very successful. In 2011, he informed his fans that he took the necessary steps to combat the disease. He never let this disease get between him and his career. He is one of the strongest Bollywood actors to fight such deadliest diseases.

Hrithik Roshan

The dancing star of Bollywood suffered from a chronic condition called Chronic Subdural Hematoma. In this disease, the collection of blood and the product of its breakdown takes place between the surface of the brain and the dura, the brain’s outermost covering. The blood slowly leaks out of the veins around the brain to form a clot. This condition generally arises out of a serious brain injury. Hritik is reported to have acquired a brain injury during the shoot of “Krrish 3” and “Bang Bang”. In aged people, the disease occurs due to the shrinking of the brain. In most cases, it might not even occur to the patient that he is facing the disease unless the symptoms arise. The symptoms include dizziness, drowsiness and headaches, which could worsen into vomiting, coma, and difficulty while talking and speaking. Hrithik treated this through brain surgery at Hinduja hospital.

His father, Rakesh Roshan tweeted about his disease. Hrithik performs various stunts in many action movies while giving several retakes that involve various acrobatics: receiving blows, pushing himself against a wall or diving deep into the water. Rakesh further said that while shooting for Bang Bang in Phuket, Bangkok, he performed a stunt wherein he put a jet on his feet and went 30 feet high in the sky and then dived down into the water. While rehearsing for the stunt, he developed the injury. He started experiencing severe headaches due to such stunts. After conducting the CT scans, his brain surgery took place which went successful. 

Saif Ali Khan

The Pataudi heir present in Bollywood suffered a heart attack in 2007. After returning from South Africa, he complained of chest pain in the evening, when he headed towards the Stardust Awards. He was immediately rushed to the Intensive Care Unit of Lilavati Hospital and after his ECG took place, it was realized he had an irregular heartbeat. For the “Omkara” film, Saif received the award for the best negative role, accepted by the film’s director, who unknowingly joked about Saif’s absence at the show. Several actors, from Amitabh Bachchan to Preity Zinta rushed to the hospital to see him.

The actor suffered from a condition called Myocardial Infractions, which arises due to a lack of blood supply to the heart. The causes include factors like abdominal obesity, lack of dietary control, smoking, gene modification and lack of exercise. Studies reveal that if your parents faced a heart attack, you become four times more prone to it. Saif had a history of heart problems in the family. Reports suggested that excessive smoking leads to Saif’s trouble. After proper treatment and medications, the Chhote Nawab took a break for a few days to recover from the disease. Since then, he has maintained his strict and healthy routine. He follows a no-sugar and no-carb diet, stopped smoking, and practices his workout at least twice a day. Since then, Khan appeared in many roles in super hit films and he seems quite fit after recovering from the disease.

Going down the journey of these strong Bollywood actors, made us realize, that not every journey is as smooth as it appears on the outside. After looking at the deadliest diseases of these Bollywood actors, it filled us with hope and enthusiasm.

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