Top 14 Bollywood movies that featured shockingly expensive costumes!

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Bollywood movies are known for their out of the world sets, locations and plots. But what really makes the audience go wow is the appearance and attire of the actors. Do we really know how much these attires cost? Let’s find out!

Top 14 Bollywood movies that featured shockingly expensive costumes! Manish Malhotra quotes “Screen clothes have to look dramatic yet be effortless for the wearer”. The Indian cinema is not an easy business to run, it takes a lot more effort to make a film run successful at the box office. Apart from a good script or a stellar cast, expensive Bollywood costumes play a role as well in contributing to the theme of a film. The aesthetics of Bollywood films, especially in relevance to the costume and other specifications to look right, each character has a personal designer assigned just to them. An immense amount of money is spent on their piece of costume designed for the actors. Earlier actors used to style their own look but now with the brilliant and talented designers emerging in the industry, the business has changed. 

With also an aim to make the movie work at the box office, the directors contribute immensely to the on-screen clothes that add colours and assigns to the image of the film. 

Top 14 Bollywood movies that featured shockingly expensive costumes! Here’s also a list of such outfits which are categorised as the most expensive Bollywood costumes.

1) Sha Rukh Khan – Ra One

Shahrukh’s robotic outfit in the film Ra One was one of the most expensive costumes in Bollywood. The robotic suit cost almost 4.5 Crore. The designers behind this master suit are Robert Lever, Manish Malhotra, Naresh Rohira and Anaita Shroff.  SRK’s superhero costume was incredible and it caught the eye of many who had never experienced such a  look In Bollywood before.

2) Deepika Padukone – Bajirao Mastani

Director Sanjay Leela Bansali always grabs the attention of the viewers with his amazing costume designs. In Bajirao Mastani he spent almost 50 Lakhss on Deepikas costume as Mastani. After a lot research, Anju Modi designed Deepika’s outfit in the film. Not just costumes, she also crafted an exclusive amount of beautiful jewelry for the movie.

3)  Kangana Ranaut – Krrish 3

Released in 2013, Kangana wore 10 different types of tight-fitting latex costumes in the movie. Each of her outfits cost 10 Lakhs. The material for all of her outfits is from Paris. It cost approximately 1 Crore for all the 10 suits.

4) Madhuri Dixit – Devdas

Top 14 Bollywood movies: It’s again Sanjay Leela Bansali’s period drama where each of Madhuri’s costume for the film cost 15 Lakhs. The outfits and overall aesthetics were so beautiful that no one could take their eyes of any character or their attire. The designers Neeta Lulla, Sandep Khosla and Reza Sharifi even won the IIFA award for the best costume design for Devdas in 2003.

5) Kareena Kapoor Khan – Kambakhtt Ishq

The movie didn’t do well at the box office but we still remember Bebo’s performance as she looked super hot. In the title song of the movie, Kareena was wearing a bLakhsk dress which cost almost 5 Lakhs.  To spend lakhs on just one dress can just be a dream. The designers of the dress also were Aki Narula and Shabina Khan. Every girl fantasizes about being in that bLakhsk dress too. Sequin dresses are also Kareena’s style statement.

6) Aishwarya Rai – Jodha Akbar

Aishwarya looked beautiful and royal in her classic outfits. This historical and romantic film also left an everlasting impact on the audience for Aishwarya’s outfit which was embroidered and studded with precious stones and gold.  The cost of each outfit for Aishwarya is 2 Lakhs and Neeta Lulla is also the designer of it. It also took 200 craftsmen to mould one kg of gold and many precious stones in the majestic outfit.

7) Akhsay Kumar – Singh Is Bliing

Do you know that Akshay’s turban in the movie is of pure gold? It cost 35 Lakhs.

8) Salmaan Khan

Despite Veer being a huge flop in Salmaan’s career, the makers spent a huge amount on Salmaan’s costumes. Each costume cost almost 20 Lakhs in the movie.

9) Deepika Padukone – Padmavaat

Top 14 Bollywood movies: We also can’t really forget the elegance of the ghagra which Deepika wore in Ghoomar for her film Padmaavat The ghagra weighed almost 30 kg’s and cost almost 30 Lakhs. It also took 2 months to finish the whole outfit as it was embroidered with real gold and precious stones. Designers Anju Modi, Sabyasachi and  Bhansali sir himself designed this royal look for Deepika in the film.

10) Hrithik Roshan – Jodha Akbar

Hrithik was perfect for his role as Akbar. His magnificent and gorgeous costume also cost almost 20 Lakhs in the film. Neeta Lulla also designed the costumes for every cast member involved in the film.

11) Aishwarya Rai – Devdas

Aishwarya’s saree is the main attraction as it is expensive and is studded with precious gems and stones. Sanjay Leela Bansali spent almost 4 Lakhs for each saree Aish wore in the film.

12) Sonakshi Sinha – Tevar

Top 14 Bollywood movies: In Tevar, Sonakshi’s Lehenga cost 5 Lakhs for her song (Radha Nachegi). She looked stunning and beautiful but unfortunately, the film couldn’t do well at the Box Office.

13) RajniKanth – Robot

Can you guess the cost of Rajni’s robotic suit in Robot? It’s almost 3 Crore for just one suit.  The amount of hard work put in for making the movie, whether it was the vfx or the costumes were quite evident.

14) Vivek Oberoi – Prince

This was a big-budget film of 35 Crore. As the lead actor, Vivek wore 6 leather suits in the film. Each suit also cost almost 5 Lakhs Rupees. The material also imported from Paris made Vivek look stunning in the film.

It’s actually an ironic fact that Bollywood viewers might take these costumes and outfits lightly as they are so used to seeing such extravagant attires. But in reality Bollywood is renowned around the globe for its grand personification of theatrical articulation followed by visually pleasing aesthetics.

Top 14 Bollywood movies that featured shockingly expensive costumes! The costumes are also a huge part of these aesthetics and our designers working in the industry truly deserve a round of applause for making our stars look as good as they do. Tell us also which movie or costume you liked the most or if we missed out on any of them!

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