Unbelievable! Failed love affairs of Shahid Kapoor and his parents

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Shahid Kapoor, counted as one of the hottest personalities in the Indian film industry, always makes it to the news headlines due to his love affairs and stuff. But did you ever think from where he got this concept of failed relationships? It’s probably in the genes. Shahid’s father, a renowned actor, Pankaj Kapoor faced a failed marriage with Shahid’s mother, Neelima Azeem, a classical dancer and actor, who herself faced three failed marriages. There aren’t happy endings always, but whatever happens, it happens for good. Shahid’s parents have undergone the maximum partner changes. Let’s discuss the failed love affairs of the Kapoors and the way it affected the family:

Pankaj Kapoor and Neelima Azeem 

Before putting a foot in the film industry, Pankaj Kapoor prepared himself for the theatre at the National School of Drama. He encountered another beautiful soul there, Neelima Azeem, who pursued her dream of becoming a dancer. She trained herself under Birju Maharaj and wanted to become a professional Kathak dancer. Pankaj and Neelima fell for each other and started dating in 1974. A year later, the 21-year-old Pankaj decided to marry the love of his life, a 16-year-old girl, Neelam. After their marriage, they settled in Delhi.

After 6 years, they welcomed their first and only child, Shahid Kapoor in 1981. Things started getting out of hand after Shahid’s birth, they lacked compatibility and understanding. Therefore, they decided to part ways for some time. But eventually, this led to the dissolution of their marriage and they fell apart in 1984. The couple separated with grace, without any of those harsh divorce settlements.

Shahid, at the age of three, stayed with her mom, but his father too had his custody. Both of them moved on in their lives with different partners. In Neelima’s words, “This was the first time when I slipped and fell on my face so to say. But I don’t see it as a terrible thing that happened to me in life. I just simply think that I needed that bump. We all must understand that we are not extraordinary or entitled, we are simply human beings that can be rejected. It took me a year-and-a-half after that to put myself together”. It was the first time that she faced grief, sorrow, pain, and rejection, which took her along to recovery. Raising a child on her own with her parents felt claustrophobic to her. 

Rajesh Khatter and Neelima Azeem

The actor fell again in love with a talented actor cum dubbing artist, Rajesh Khatter. The actor appeared in various films, such as Race 2, Suryavansham, The Train, Khiladi 786, etc. Six years after her divorce, Neelima again tied nuptial bonds, but with Rajesh. He welcomed Shahid with open arms and lived a happy life together with a normal relationship of a mother, a child and a father. Rajesh shared on social media about the time he met Shahid and admired his cuteness and his love for cinema. He even spoke about learning parenting from Shahid.

The couple gave birth to a boy, Ishaan Khatter in 1995. They had a baby, just because Shahid was after her mother to have a sibling. Six years after the birth of Ishaan, Rajesh and Neelima parted ways too. After her failure with her second marriage, she said, “The second marriage would have lasted if certain things didn’t happen which were difficult to encounter… It was difficult, it was an impossible feat. I think it would have worked out if there was more control and more logic and sense. But it went, it flew out.” Neelima is on cordial terms with Rajesh even today. She credits his present wife, Vandana Sajnani, for their good relationship. 

Raza Ali Khan and Neelima Azeem

Neelima’s third marriage to a classical Indian singer Raza Ali Khan took place in 2004. Not much information about the couple has been revealed to the public. They started living at Nirman Cottage, Yari Road. According to the sources, the couple used to fight a lot during their early days. As the relationship grew, the fights and quarrels too grew. Raza packed his bags and shifted to Kolkata. But on asking about this to Neelam, she clearly denied parting ways and ending their marriage. She said that he moved to Kolkata for work and she already signed a lot of projects, therefore she needed to stay back in Mumbai for her films. They don’t live together anymore. Neelima stays with her sons, Shahid and Ishaan. 

Pankaj Kapoor and Supriya Pathak

A couple of years after his divorce, Pankaj came on screen for his film “Naya Mausam” with Supriya Pathak, a famous Bollywood actress. Though the film never made it even to the theatres, it surely made a hit for the off-screen romance they built out of this film. Just like Pankaj, Supriya too faced a failed marriage. Supriya and Pankaj tied the knot in 1988. Both of them gave a second chance to their marriage and it worked out quite well. The couple welcomed their first child together, Sanaah in 1990 and their second child, Ruhaan in 1994. The actress says, “I feel that I have Pankaj in three ages — at 60 as himself, at 33 as Shahid and now with my younger son Ruhaan at 20.” They are staying happily together for around more than three decades now. 

With a few fathers and mothers in his childhood, it might have been rough for a child to face such things at a small age. When asked about the same to the actor on the show “Koffee With Karan”, he simply answered by saying that he learnt a lot from all the circumstances he had to go through. He feels proud of his family now. The way he loves his younger brother is quite evident on their social media handles. Continuing the legacy, Shahid himself found himself locked in various affairs, though only one of them made it to the wedding. Let’s look at the most popular love affairs of Shahid Kapoor:

Hrishitaa Bhatt

Before gaining fame in B town, the chocolaty Shahid Kapoor dated actress and model, Hrishitaa Bhatt. They featured together in the song, “Aankhon me tera hi chehra”. Soon, Shahid made his debut in Bollywood and the romance got left behind. 

Kareena Kapoor 

One of the most loved couples on-screen and off-screen as well started dating on the sets of the film “Fida”. They were very open about their relationship. The two gained a lot of media attention with their intense chemistry. But things took a turn when Kareena started getting closer to Saif Ali Khan, who later became her husband. Shahid and Kareena broke up after staying together for around five years. The couple even featured in the super hit film “Jab We Met”. 

Amrita Rao

After Shahid’s debut film “Ishq Vishk”, he was rumoured to be hooking up with his co-star Amrita Rao. Their cute chemistry added fuel to the rumours. However, they denied it, claiming the relationship as a close friendship. The rumours surfaced again on the release of “Vivah”, wherein they acted together.

Priyanka Chopra

The Bollywood desi girl hooked up with this charming guy during the shooting of the film “Kaminey”. Though the couple never agreed to such claims, their action speaks louder than words. Their chemistry on Koffee With Karan gave some extra signals to the public. Plus, Shahid opened the door on the morning Priyanka’s apartment got raided by Income Tax officers. 

Sonakshi Sinha

The two met on the sets of “R Rajkumar” and started cooking something inside their love lives. They both enjoyed hanging out with each other and the love began to blossom. Shahid also accompanied Sonakshi to Goa for her birthday celebrations. The two remained together for some time before parting ways. 

Anushka Sharma

Remember the intense lip-locking scene between these actors in the film “Badmaash Company”? That’s where this all began. Adding fuel to the fire, reports of them kissing at Imran Khan’s success party for “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan” also came out. This held them in the news for a while. 

Bipasha Basu

For the film “Shikhar”, Bipasha Basu worked with Shahid. The two got very close during the film. The rumours of this couple dating each other started surfacing in the media. They also spent a lot of time together hanging out and partying. 

Nargis Fakhri

Though they never appeared together in a film, they worked together on the song “Dhating Naach” from Shahid’s film “Phata Poster Nikhla Hero”. The song gained both of them a lot of popularity due to its content. The rumours of them dating got so strong that some reports stated that they were in a live-in relationship. 

Mira Rajput 

After facing all the failed love affairs, Shahid finally settled for a simple and beautiful wife. He met Mira at a friend’s farmhouse, and they talked for seven straight hours. The two never dated just met 6-7 times and decided to marry each other. In 2015, the couple tied the knots in an intimate ceremony, which was followed by a grand reception. They welcomed their baby girl, Misha, after one year of marriage. They gave birth to a baby boy, Zain in 2018. This 13 year age gap couple might soon make it to the big screens as well. 

Now that Shahid’s whole life story is in front of you, read it and take some inspiration from this handsome hunk to balance things during the hardest times and prioritize family. Also, keep dating! 


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