What if FRIENDS was made in India with Bollywood Actors?

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Who do you think could play the characters from the Sitcom FRIENDS?

Who doesn’t know about the popular sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S? These series has a special place in our hearts as it has made us fall in love, happy, cry, angry and laugh, all at the same time. From Ross who will correct your grammar, to Chandler who taught us Sarcasm. When the show ended, it broke a number of hearts, and this year we finally got the Reunion we were eagerly waiting for! With the story making rounds regarding the reunion of the characters and an exclusive episode release, we finally have it here! And if we were to see FRIENDS with Bollywood actors, who do you think would be the perfect choice?

Here we have a few suggestions for you :

1. Anushka Sharma/ Priyanka Chopra Jonas as Monica Geller

Anushka Sharma and Priyanka Chopra, both are versatile actresses, and you can call them perfectionists as well. We don’t know much about how organised they are in their real lives; but they can nail the role of Monica Geller efficiently. Act emotional, organised , beautiful, and a great friend. What if FRIENDS was made in India with Bollywood Actors?

2. Alia Bhatt/ Kareena Kapoor as Rachel Green

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s character Poo is very famous, and if we are not wrong, the features of Poo and Rachel match to some extent. In fact when Alia made her debut in SOTY, her character too has similarities with Rachel Green. Both Kareena and Alia are gorgeous, fashion icons and can play the role of a spoiled rich runaway bride as well, don’t you agree?

3. Tabu/ Kalki Koechelin as Phoebe Buffay

We believe that Tabu and Kalki both have what it needs to play Phoebe Buffay. Tabu’s character from Jawaani Janeman and Kalki’s character Aditi from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, are quite relatable to play the Jhalli Phoebe Buffay. She is true to her words, and speaks from her heart, and is one of the most amazing character of them all.

4. Ranveer Singh as Joey

Imagine Ranveer Singh saying “How you doing”, and girls swooning over him. He is the handsome hunk, with witty sense of words(only for women), and an otherwise dumb and foody. Although he is the best of friends at the end, and the perfect person to lean on to. We think Ranveer will make the perfect Joey Tribbiani.

5. Abhay Deol as Ross Geller

Abhay Deol has proved with his work from time and again that he is capable of playing any role to it’s depth. And a nitpicking man, who always makes wrong choices regarding marriage(remember ZNMD?) and corrects your grammar from time to time. We think Abhay will be the perfect Ross, what do you think?

6. Vir Das/ Ayushmann Khurana as Chandler

Vir Das is quite the comedian and his sarcasm too is on point. And Ayushmann Khurana is also funny, smart and witty. Although we are confused that who will play the better Chandler, why don’t you share your views on this? What if FRIENDS was made in India with Bollywood Actors?

7. Milind Soman as Richard

Ahem Ahem, do we even need to elaborate why we chose Milind as Richard? Richard was the handsome ‘old’ guy, who steals your heart, proving that age is just a number. Now imagine, Milind Soman as your dentist, and he can be so close to you that you are sure to melt in his arms. The hot dentist and a scandalous yet beautiful affair in FRIENDS.

8. Rajkumar Rao as Gunther

Aha! How can we forget Gunther?! Poor heartbroken Gunther, who was so much in love with Rachel, but never confessed. The funny yet cute guy, don’t you think Rajkumar could completely nail this role? What if FRIENDS was made in India with Bollywood Actors?

9. Siddharth Malhotra/ Aditya Roy Kapoor as Tag

The handsome and young Tag, who was taught how to be around women by Joey Tribbiani himself! Tall and handsome guy, who’s smile is enough to get him a job with no experience, right? And Siddharth and Aditya seem like the perfect choices for Tag, its confusing for us as both are incomparable; don’t you think?

10. Boman Irani as Jack Geller

This can be one of the most apt casting for the role of Jack Geller! The funny and weird father of Ross and Monica should definitely be played by Boman. His looks and previous characters match with Jack quite a lot. The humour behind his not-so funny sentences will be epic to watch.

11. Lillete Dubey as Judy Geller

You know where we are going with Judy Geller. Mama Geller is one of the craziest characters, who deals with both her children so differently. IIf she’s the perfect mother for Ross, she is the strict, cold and mean mother to Monica. But the underlying humour always got us. And who else that Lillete Dubey can play her role!

Let us know your views. Also read 11 Starkids who are likely to make their Bollywood debut in 2022!

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