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Intern - Content Writing
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As Intern-Content Writer you Just Learn, Earn & Grow with us

Get Paid INR 1,500 Fixed Stipend

We will pay you INR 1,500 After successful completion of Internship of Minimum 2 months. Where you are required to write 10 Articles of 1000 words each as Guest on our website and minimum 20 articles (No word limit) on your own site with inclusion of our site reference.

Get Paid 50-200/article POST-Internship

After successful completion of Internship you can apply to Join our Panel of Content Writers Team. As Independent Content writer you will be Paid anything between INR 50 to 200 Per Article depending on the requirement of the content and Quality. There would not be any obligation to work for us Post Internship.

What Technical Skill Required

Don't worry We are just looking at People with Passion of writing, and we will take care the Rest. We will Provide you LIVE ONLINE TRAINING Support right from Booking the Hosting to Develop your own Website , SEO, Digital Marketing and Writing the Quality Content absolutely FREE OF CHARGE which will help you to GROW you own BLOG.

Get Paid up to $ 3 by Google

Every 1,000 views on your website you can make somewhere between 0.5—3 Dollars, depending on your niche.You will Be paid for Infinite Duration by Google for Placement of advertisement on your website after you are successfully tied up with them. Don't worry its easy to tie-up, as they also require creative people.

Earn Through Instagram/facebook

With this Internship Program you will be also be the Proud owner of your own Blog website. You can easily create Professional Instagram Business account and Facebook Page that can generate additional Income and help you to increase traffic to your website. Companies love to tie-up with such Professionals setup.

how do i join this intenship

1. Simply Click on JOIN NOW (on top) and fill the INFO-Form.
2. Click the Button Below to Purchase Hosting (Make sure you purchase the hosting plan though given Button only to be Eligible for Internship-Program.
3. Now send the copy of invoice along with your latest resume and we will Contact you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Qus.1 Who are we?

Ans. We are Entertainment Website providing News and Updates related to Bollywood, Celebrities, OTT, Box-office, Film Reviews, Music etc.

Qus.2 Do I need to Pay something to you?

Ans. No, You are not required to pay anything to us, on the contrary we will pay you INR 1500 as STIPEND upon successful completion of Internship.

Qus.3 I am not Good in English however can write in Hindi. Can I still Join this Program?

Ans. Yes you can after you buy hosting through our reference link. As if now we are writing in English on our website so we won’t be able to accept your articles for our website and hence You won’t be Paid Stipend, however you can write in Hindi on your own website and and Get paid for Ad-sense.

Qus. 4 When would Google start Paying Me ?

Ans. As soon as you make your website Live and Publish few good informative articles you can apply for Google Ad-sense Program, And after getting the approval which takes up to 2 weeks you would be eligible to get Paid by Google. You are required to create a google Adsense account for which we will train you so you need not to worry.

Qus.5 I am Not Interested in Bollywood Niche can I write on any other Niche of my choice like Fitness, Food, Travel, Technology etc?

Ans. Yes, You can make your website on any Niche of your choice on which you are comfortable to write however if you can’t Provide us the 10 article on our Niche we won’t Pay you Stipend.

Qus.6.How Much Hosting and Domain Cost me ?

Ans. Bluehost is the world’s leading Hosting company. They can offer you the Best and Most economical Plan starting at INR 175/Month + GST if you buy for 3 years, however if you go for One year plan that would cost you somewhere around INR 3588 + GST Which would Include FREE DOMAIN + FREE SSL + FREE CDN + FREE SEO Tools and much more.

Qus.7 When would I be Paid ?

Ans. After Successful completion of 2 Months of Internship?

Qus. 8 Will I get Certificate of Completion for INTERNSHIP?

Ans. Yes, you will get it after successful completion.

Qus.9 What would be duration of Training?

Ans Well, It would be a weeks long online Training Program.