10 Bollywood Actors Who Lost Stardom: Here’s how and why!

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Many Bollywood actors have come and gone from the industry. Here are some of the notable ones from our generation!

10 Bollywood Actors Who Lost Stardom: Here’s how and why! Life in B-town is never an easy one. One has to always be on top of his/her game. And be ready to face any challenge or competition thrown their way to make their way to the top. However, some actors have started off with huge initial successes but eventually amounted up to nothing that great. Some of them had long but equally forgettable careers and performances. Some of them simply didn’t want to live this ‘Glamorous’ life anymore. In all of these cases, there is only one common outcome. That they have left or taken a break from their Acting careers.

10 Bollywood Actors Who Lost Stardom: Here’s how and why! Let’s have a look at some of these actors. And find out why they have faded away from the big screen! 

Imraan Khan

Being the nephew of one of the biggest stars in Bollywood, there were a lot of expectations on Imraan. His debut ‘JaaneTuiYa Jane Na’ was an instant success. He rose as Bollywood’s lovable boy next door in no time. He also performed in critically acclaimed movies like ‘Delhi Belly’ and ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai Dobara. After a series of setbacks, he then decided to drop down as an actor. Soon he stated that he had become ‘’suffocated’’ from the life that ensued from stardom. And opted for a more peaceful and serene lifestyle. His last notable work was in ‘KattiBatti’ which came out in 2015.

Uday Chopra

Another actor came from a dynasty of actors, producers, and filmmakers who have dictated Indian cinema for almost half a decade. Uday’s debut film was probably one of the biggest films that came out in the year 2000, ‘Mohabbatein’. But after that, it was all downhill for him as an actor. Even though he is a part of a multi-million-dollar franchise such as Dhoom. His acting skills have yet to impress the audience at a deeper level. His last performance as a lead actor was in 2008’s ‘Pyaar Impossible’ where he starred alongside Priyanka Chopra. But that was no better than any of his previous endeavors. Finally, after ‘Dhoom 3’ he finally threw in the towel and gave up on acting. He famously said in an interview “I did not give up acting, acting gave up on me”

Tusshar Kapoor

10 Bollywood Actors: Although he has not given up on acting yet unlike our previous adversaries. The son of Bollywood legend Jeetendra and the brother of Ekta Kapoor, Tusshar Kapoor is undoubtedly a failure of an actor. He has never been able to pluck the right string in the audience’s hearts. Delivering one bad performance after another dating back to his debut ‘MujheKuchKehna Hai’ in 2001 and a few other forgettable minor roles. The only notable role he is praised for is the one he enacted in ‘Golmaal’ in 2006. Even in the sequels, his performance remained the same and fans had enough of the same raunchy comedy which at that point felt like he is just trying to tell the same joke over and over with his role as a mute.

Riya Sen

She came from one of the Royal families of Tripura and burst into the Bollywood scene with notable performances in PritishNandy’s musical film ‘Jhankar Beats’ and a very successful Malayalam horror movie ‘Anthabhadram’. Eventually, her acting skills could never reach that of her peer actors and actresses and she got typecast as the same beauty without brains roles and never really made a significant impact in Bollywood. She felt like she was being sexualized in movies and music videos and this made her very uncomfortable and discouraged her from pursuing any more in B-town. She is now seen in MXPlayer’s ‘Pati, Patniaurwoh’.

Fardeen Khan

The son of the late and great Feroz Khan, Fardeen made his Bollywood debut with the film ‘PremAgan’ in 1998 which was disgraced as a borderline B-Grade movie. His acting felt corny, he barely had any expressions to work with and it was overall a disaster. The movie however found a niche and cult following due to the lack of performance from the actor. He later went on to redeem himself with a few good movies like ‘Fida’ and ‘HeyyBabyy’ but his career came to an inevitable doom with multiple unsuccessful projects. ‘Dulha mil Gaya’ was the last in the line of these unsuccessful movies after which he decided to quit acting for good.

Zayed Khan

Son of actor Sanjay Khan, Zayed khan made his debut in 2003 with the movie ‘Chura Liya Hai Tumne’ alongside female actor Esha Deol who was struggling for a hit at that point. And to no one’s surprise, she did not find it in this movie. Zayed has delivered mostly flops throughout his 12 + year career in Bollywood. The only successful movie to his name is ‘Main Hoon Naa which starred Shahrukh Khan and Sushmita Sen and as the audience says that the success had nothing to do with Zayed’s performance. After a series of unfortunate films and underwhelming performances, Zayed finally decided to take a break from acting after ‘SharafatGayi Tel Lene’ in 2015.

Harman Baweja

Finally, we are reaching the good stuff now!  Harman Baweja, son of director Harry Baweja and producer Pammibaweja, made an impactful debut with his film ‘Love Story 2050’ which was anticipated as Bollywood’s biggest Sci-fi romance movie. Without a doubt the movie bombed but he received praise for his dancing skills, not so much for his acting. He went on to co-star with Priyanka Chopra once more in ‘What’s Your Rashee’ in 2009 which again failed to impress the audience at which point he realized that acting might not be his cup of tea. His last notable performance was in ‘Dishkiyaoon’ in 2014. Who remembers that movie right? He is now an entrepreneur and film producer.

Dino Morea

The former model turned actor, Dino Morea made his debut in Bollywood in 1999’s ‘Pyaar Main KabhiKabhi’ which did not elicit any positive response from the viewers or critics. It labeled as ‘Mediocre at best. After a few years, he did strike hard with his performance in ‘Raaz’ alongside Bipasha Basu which is still known as one of the best horror movies of Bollywood. But that was as good as it would get for his acting career as it all went downhill from there.
He re-lived his 15 minutes of fame in ‘Aksar’ but that was nothing much to write home about. Un ironically, his last movie in Bollywood was also ‘Pyaar Impossible’ alongside Udaychopra and Priyanka Chopra. The actor stated that he wished to return to Bollywood someday but we hope it’s not too soon.

Akshay Khanna

10 Bollywood Actors: Many would not expect this talented actor to be on this list. Unlike all the other entries. Akshay actually has a good repertoire of movies and some undeniably good performances. Movies like ‘Hungama’, ‘Tal’, ‘Hulchul’ and ‘Border’ are some of the most successful movies in Bollywood. But for some reason, he has chosen to step down from acting to live a quiet life. The 46-year-old states, that he needed a break from Bollywood. And therefore wanted to focus on the other aspects of his life. He did eventually come back, mostly on OTT platforms, and delivered smash hits like ‘Accidental Prime Minister’ and ‘375’.  Unlike all the other mentions on this list. We wish to see Akshay back on the big screen.

Sahil Khan

We saved the best for the last and here’s why. Sahil khan, alongside Sharman Joshi, starred in their Bollywood Debut ‘Style’. The film became a sensational hit and very well received by the young audience of India at that time. The film became so successful. That both the actors featured on the cover photo of one of the biggest Film Magazines in India. The actor, however, failed to deliver any other notable performances till then. Now comes the juicy part.

He accused one of the ‘Khans’ of sabotaging his career and getting him thrown out of multiple projects. Sahil openly stated in an interview. He was a big fan of this star. But and yet he was the one getting him sacked from a lot of films and commercials. He left it on the fans to decide who this mysterious ‘Khan’ truly was. After his failed career Sahil started his own chain of fitness training centers and focuses on it primarily. Did the story of his failed career seem familiar at all?

10 Bollywood Actors: So these were some of the actors who faded away from the big screen. Hope to see them back on screen with some amazing projects!

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