16 Bollywood Small Budget Movies That Received Massive Success

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Bollywood is known for its high budget spectacular extravaganzas. Rarely it is known for the low budget movies that are just as, if not more entertaining than any other high budget productions. Let us have a look at some of these massively successful small budget Bollywood movies.

16 Bollywood Small Budget Movies That Received Massive Success. Bollywood has always been associated with grandeur and expensive filmmaking. The industry has recently seen a splurge in the number of small budget films, which have focused on quality rather than outer frills. For the longest time, it was only the big-budget movies that also made it to Bollywood’s 100 crore club irrespective of the storyline.

The essence of storytelling always matters the most out of everything else. In recent years, small budget movies with well–written, unique and interesting stories, have also managed to capture the interest of the audience. Many of these small budget movies also have gone on to become big successes at the box offices. Besides earning huge applause from national and internal audiences has also been a benchmark for these budget movies.

16 Bollywood Small Budget Movies That Received Massive Success. Here’s also a list of top most successful small budget Bollywood movies:


Released in 2018, this film is already regarded as one of the best movies that top the list. It’s a black comedy crime thriller film where a series of mysterious events change the life of a blind pianist. The pianist also now reports a crime in the movie that he should technically know nothing of. Made on a budget of only Rs 32 crores, the thriller saw Tabu and Ayushmann in completely different roles. The movie also already earned a collection of Rs 90 crores and has created a huge massive place in the audience’s heart. In China, the movie also had a gross collection of Rs 320 crore which is huge.

Hindi Medium

The story of Irrfan Khan as Saba Kamar starrer comedy-drama was also like a breath of fresh air in the midst of commercial potboilers with the same old plot. The movie also had a budget of 14 crores and managed to earn a collection of almost Rs. 100 crores at the box office. And almost a gross amount of Rs. 300 Crores worldwide.


The first movie in the category of Horror-Comedy also entered the 100 Crore club just after 18 days of its release. The movie also had a budget of Rs. 20 crores. It also impressed the audience with its unique story line (Inspired by a real-life incident). The movie also had fine performances by all its cast and the most interesting fact was its humor,

Tanu Weds Manu

This small budget movie hit the theatres in 2012, it had Kangana Ranaut and R. Madhavan also in lead roles. The movie also had a budget of Rs. 17.5 Crores but made a commendable box office collection of Rs. 56 Crores.

The Lunch Box

This is also one of the best films of Irrfan Khan’s career. The story is also about a mistaken delivery in Mumbai’s famously efficient Lunch box delivery system. It also connects a young housewife to an older man at the dusk of his life as they build a fantasy world together through the notes in the lunchbox. The movie had a budget of 22 crores grossing only 28 crores in India which was not a high response but when taking into account the worldwide earnings it did pretty well. This is one of the first solos that earned an amount of more than 100 crores.


16 Bollywood Small Budget Films: This was one of Kangana’s first solo movies. Released in 2014 which was highly successful and well-received. More than the story, it was her acting that made the movie work. She was also honoured with the national award for the character that she played “Raani”. The movie was made on a budget of 15-20 Crore and it also earned a total of 97 crores.


16 Bollywood Small Budget Movies: The movie was made on a budget of 40 Crore. It was the hard-hitting performances that also helped the movie earn a final collection of 158.77 Crore. The gripping tale of ‘Raazi’ also starring Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal had garnered interest right from the start. ‘Razzi’ is also one of the few movies with a female lead to become a part of the 100 Crore club.


A women-centric film released in 2016 revolves around a courtroom drama. The story narrates when three young women are implicated in a crime, a retired lawyer steps forward to help them clear their names. The movie was also made on a budget of 29 Crore and was really successful in the box office with a gross collection of 118 Crore. The film was well-received by both the critics and audience and it gained immense popularity since then.

 Badhaai Ho

This comedy drama movie was made on a budget of Rs. 30 Crore and had a total collection of Rs. 170 Crore. The unique story was further elevated by intelligent dialogues and exceptional performances by the stellar star-cast of the movie.


The 2012 suspense thriller, starring Vidya Balan is one of the most successful small budget films. Based on the theme of feminism, the film was shot all the way in Kolkata. The film was shot in a very decent and Hindi Style. The movie was made on a budget of 8 Crore and in the box office it earned a total of 91 Crore.

Secret Superstar

This is an emotionally powerful story where no such great actors were a part of the film. The movie released in 2017. Aamir Khan was the producer of the movie. The film had a budget of RS. 14 Crore and it managed to earn a total box office collection of 81.28 Crore. The movie resonated with the audience from across the globe and managed a worldwide collection of 129.19 Crore. In China the movie earned a total of Rs. 200 Crore in just 3 days. This movie was the fastest to earn a total of RS. 300 crore beating the record of ‘Avatar’ in China. The total collection of this movie worldwide is Rs. 977 Crore.

 A Wednesday

Released in 2008, this is a very classic film. When the movie was released, there was no such internet facility at the time. And the main source for receiving information for films was television. Not many people know about the release of the film but the people who saw it had a completely different experience. Received a positive review from audience and through word of mouth the film started gaining popularity from then. The movie had abudget of 3 crore and earned a total gross collection of 16.6 Crore which is 5 times larger than the budget and considered to be a hit at that time.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama

The small budget movie is a big hit at the box office. This 2011 Rom-Com with a small star cast had a budget of Rs 7 Crore. But the film has amazingly declared as a hit with a box office collection of RS, 23 Crore.

Peepli Live

The rustic comedy called ‘Peepli Live’ features next on the best small budget Bollywood Movie. This movie of 2010 release had a budget of 7 Crore but made a huge collection of almost RS. 30 Crore.

Dhobi Ghaat

The 2011 release was also massively successful at the box office. It marks the debut directorial venture of Kiran Rao and starred Aamir Khan, Monica Dobra and Prateek Babbar. It had a budget of Rs. 10 Crore and made an amazing collection of double the amount in just 2 weeks after its release.

Bareilly Ki Barfi

The movie was a definite surprise when it released. It fit perfectly into the genre of romantic comedy. And yet managed to give us a refreshing love story. The movie had a budget of RS. 20 Crore. It went on to have a final collection of RS.70 Crore.

Why do our acclaimed films still aren’t highly appreciated from our own audience?

16 Bollywood Small Budget Movies That Received Massive Success. The success of all these movies proves that fancy frills are a guarantee to the success of a film in Bollywood. But it is rather the concept and the story that makes it highly appreciable for the audience also to watch it.

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