17 Bollywood actors who lost weight and went from fat to fit. Check them!

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Bollywood actors and their journey of losing weight are highly inspiring. They undergo such tough and constant challenges to fit into the body they want for looking good and glamourous. Such inspiring transformations also inspire us to maintain a balanced form of exercise and diet. Look at these star’s who bought themselves to a certain shape!

17 Bollywood actors who lost weight and went from fat to fit. Check them! Not every Bollywood celebrity has always been fit. Some of the Bollywood actors used to be overweight.  Some of these leading actors of tinsel town took the task of shedding their extra kilos to look fit for the movies. Wanna know how these actors went through a drastic weight loss adventure for their career in the industry? While we all desire to be as fit as these celebs, we all must know they’ve put a lot of hard work in achieving their sculptured bodies.

17 Bollywood actors who lost weight and went from fat to fit. Check them! Let’s check out these celebs who went from fat to fit with inspiring transformations.

1) Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti’s journey from being fat to fit was not easy was not at all easy. She also considers love for food and her rigorous work out regime and a fit diet plan to shed those extra pounds

2) Sonam Kapoor

This pretty actress once weighed 86 Kg, hard to believe isn’t it? But now Sonam turned from fat to fit by doing 3 years of yoga and followed a strict diet filled with green vegetables and soup. She also did a combination o Pilates and weight training. The actress lost almost 35 kilos.

3) Sonakshi Sinha

17 Bollywood actors: Sonakshi is greatly thankful to Salmaan Khan, who motivated her to lose those extra pounds before her first movie. In interview, Sonakshi had admitted that training for weight losing was not at all easy for her. She hated going to the gym but nevertheless she lost 30 kgs before entering Bollywood. Through rigorous exercise , high protein low carb diet she tried to keep herself motivated from going fat to fit.

4) Bhumi Pednekar

The actress already weighed 72 Kilos when she got an offer for the movie ‘Dam Lagake Haisha’. And for this she had to put on even more weight. After the film, the actress managed to drop all the extra fat and  looks super fit now. She followed a balanced diet along with some rigorous physical activity to lose those extra pounds.

5)  Zareen Khan

Zareen Khan went from 100 kg to 57 kg with the help of rigorous training and the right diet plan. After dancing to the tunes of Character Dheela Hai, the actress was seen in a much more toned body in Housefull 2.

6) Alia Bhatt

The young star of Bollywood who made a debut with student of the year was not as fit as she looks right now. This actress lost a whooping 16 kilograms in three months before her Debut movie. The secret of her weight loss was nothing but an amalgamation of exercise and good food choices.

7) Arjun Kapoor

Arjun made his debut in the industry with ‘Ishaqzaade’. Arjun who flaunted his 6 pack abs in the song Chokra Jawaan Re used to weigh 130 kg before being signed by Aditya Chopra in his film. With rigorous amount of exercise and diet plan, Arjun underwent a great transformation and looks superhot in his movies.

8) Adnan Sami

The great singer who used to travel with a custom made wheelchair just because of his weight literally shocked the world with his drastic weight loss in 2007. Adnan who used to weigh 206 kg lost 130 kilograms in just one year. This was due to the strict diet plan that he followed.

9) Kareena Kapoor Khan

The poster face for size zero, Kareena was lashed out by critics for her figure when she did the song Yeh Mera Dil Pyaar Ka Deewana. But Kareena did a strong comeback in ‘Tashan’ to set the screen on fire by flaunting her super sexy and ultra slim body in her debut bikini scene.

10) Jacky Bhagnani

Before his debut film ‘Kal Kisne Dekha’, he weighed 130 kilos. He underwent great physical transformation through exercise and good diet.

11) Esha Deol

Esha Deol was shunned by the industry for her baby fat in her debut film ‘Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche’. She also tried shedding those extra kilos by motivating herself to do good exercise and eating good food.

12)  Mimoh Chakraborty

After making an unsuccessful debut in ‘Jimmy’, Mimoh lost oodles of weight, after that he looked so different that it was hard to recognize him in his comeback film ‘Haunted’.

13) Adhyayan Suman

Adhyayan Suman who did his Debut in ‘Raaz: The mystery continues’ was quite bulky as a teenager. He lost 45 kg in 5 months to get his perfect physic.

14) Fardeen Khan

This actor received a fair amount of trolling for being overweight. However, now everyone is appreciating him for his transformation from fat to fit these days. He maintained a great physical diet to look good in this recent transformation.

15) Sara Ali Khan

17 Bollywood actors: The star kid was over 90 kilos before her film ‘Kedarnath’. The actress was suffering from PCOD which also leads to extreme weight gain. With the help of Kathak, Pilates and yoga she lost all the extra kilos.  Along with her exercise, she also gave up on healthy food adding to her problems.

16) Shehnaaz Gil

This Big Boss fame also transformed her body after coming out of the Big Boss House. She highly trolled inside the big boss house but later she motivated herself to transform her body weight. And therefore she lost an intense amount of weight by controlling her unhealthy food habits during the lockdown.

17) Karan Johar

This famous director and actor also worked on himself who earlier reported being 120 kilos at some point. He worked on himself, his diet and maintained strict exercise to look fit and glamorous.

17 Bollywood actors who lost weight and went from fat to fit. Check them! So, these were some of the inspiring journeys of the Bollywood celebs who underwent such a huge transformation from fat to fit! Look up to these stars and get motivated for losing all extra kilos to lead a healthy and happy life!

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