29 Years Of Deewana: Shah Rukh Khan celebrates 30 years in Bollywood : Missing Divya Bharti

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The Blockbuster of its time Deewana completes 29 years in Bollywood today, and also marks King Khan’s 30 years in the Bollywood Industry. The movie released on 1992, and was the second-highest grossing film of the year after Anil Kapoor starrer Beta. Deewana went on to win 5 most popular awards, including Best Male Debut won by Shah Rukh Khan, and Most Popular Face of the Year by Divya Bharti. Deewana is also considered as one of the best love triangles of the 90s, starring Divya Bharti, Rishi Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan in the lead.

Divya Bharti is still Missed by fans

If it were not for her short lifespan, Divya Bharti would have become a legendary actress by now. She made her debut in the film industry through the South Indian Film Industry, and made her Bollywood debut in the year 1992. Vishwatma, an action-thriller film under the popular banner Trimurti Films. The film starred Sunny Deol and Divya Bharti, and was a superhit movie, the song Saat Samunder went on to become one of the biggest hits of all time; it also threw the much needed limelight on Divya Bharti to make her so recognisable.

29 Years Of Deewana: Shah Rukh Khan celebrates 30 years in Bollywood : Missing Divya Bharti
29 Years Of Deewana: Shah Rukh Khan celebrates 30 years in Bollywood : Missing Divya Bharti

In fact, she became so popular, that she bagged more than 8 movie projects on the same year, and went on to have 12 movie releases in 1992; including Bollywood and South Indian Movies. She gave us popular hit movies including Shola aur Shabnam, Deewana and Dil He Toh Hai. Divya Bharti was already a popular face in the South Indian Film Industry, and she also went on to become a big Bollywood star at a young age itself. And she is even popular till date, and missed by fans.

5 April 1993

This day changed a lot of things overnight, when allegedly Divya Bharti fell from her balcony that led to her death. Her sudden and mysterious death led to a lot of conspiracy theories, but none have been proven till date; and her death still remains a mystery. She was just 19 when she lost her life, quite a tender and young age. Divya had just begun to rise towards fame and stardom.

Shahrukh Khan Completes 30 Years in Bollywood

Deewana also marked the debut of Bollywood’d King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan. With this movie, he completes 30 years in Bollywood, a long journey indeed. Shahrukh took to twitter to share his gratitude towards his fans and the feeling of overwhelming he feels as fans shower so much love.

Shah Rukh is also called the King of Romance, and with time and again he has proved that he definitely is. His career is built up on Romantic movies itself; and who wouldn’t fall in love with Shahrukh, with such a handsome face and a charming smile!

Deewana, One of the Best Love Triangles

The movie revolves around Kajal, a beautiful young woman who falls in love with Ravi, who’s a famous rich Singer. Kajal was a fangirl of Ravi, and they both get to meet each other when Ravi comes for a concert at her hometown. The duo fall in love and eventually get married. Everything is going smoothly, and the couple was living their happily married life when Ravi’s greedy uncle tries to kill him and Ravi falls off a cliff.

Kajal is left devastated and is now a widow, she shifts to Bombay(Mumbai) with her mother in law, Laxmi. In Bombay she meets Raja who accidentally hits her with his bike. After a few encounters Raja falls in love with Kajal and confesses his love for her. But Kajal being a widow and still not over Ravi refuses to marry him. But Laxmi desperately insists Kajal to remarry as she couldn’t see her daughter-in-law spending the rest of her life alone. Kajal and Ravi end up marrying each other, but they start of as friends. But when their relationship evolves into love, re-entry of Ravi takes place. So what happens next? On the occasion of Deewana completing 29 Years, find out what happens next by watching the movie!

29 Years Of Deewana: Shah Rukh Khan celebrates 30 years in Bollywood : Missing Divya Bharti.

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