Bollywood films that are here to teach you valuable lessons of life!

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The film fraternity provides more than a hundred films a year. Coming across varied genres, It’s important to cultivate some of those essential teachings while watching films. Providing to you, list of few such films that not only did well at the box office but also are a big audience’s choice to be watched over and over again!

Bollywood films that are here to teach you valuable lessons of life! Cinema is a reflection of society, Bollywood is regarded as a house of Masala Films all over the world. However, among many films produced every year, there are some films that try to question societal superstitions and try to implement some philosophy into the minds of the people. However is it possible for a piece of art to come and impact your perceptions in a way that you something in a whole new light?

Bollywood films that are here to teach you valuable lessons of life! Philosophy can be told in an entertaining way therefore here are some films that will change your perception of life.

1)  Udaan

‘Udaan’ works on changing your deep-rooted perceptions towards very tender care of a child’s teenage life. The movie sends a strong message which says we can become whatever we want in life, all we need to do is give our dreams a little flight.

2) Wake Up Sid

Starring Ranbir Kapoor, this movie answers all the questions that haunt us with the important decisions taken by us. This movie urges us to correct our decisions and live life according to our own likings.

3) Taare Zameen Par

The release of the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’ changed our judgment towards life. Brilliantly depicted, this movie breaks all social stigmas attached to the differently-abled children and leads us to give them a fair chance.  The words Impossible to Possible became evident when Ishaan showed his complete transformation under the right guidance of his teacher.  Such movies leave a lasting impact on our society.

4)  Luck By Chance

This movie brings the struggles and Sinicism of the industry to the front lines like never before. ‘Luck by Chance’ introduces you to the personalities you never imagined existed and tells you the level of stakes involved in the business world.  This movie is probably a future predictor in showbiz.

5) Swades

‘Swades’ is a story of selfless devotion to the country and bringing development to the grassroots level. This is a must-watch for all who want to contribute to the motherland and devote it to the upliftment and betterment of the lives of rural brethren

6) 3 Idiots

Bollywood films: One of the most appreciated films ‘3 Idiots’, bashes the education system and its practices. ‘3 Idiots’ tells you to bring a change within yourself before seeking a change in the system. The Indian Education system is still plagued with the prejudices of money and grades, this movie makes us laugh at our own shortcomings. It brings forward the perfect message that it’s not the percentages, cutoffs and degrees, It’s the quality to learn and make it available to one and all that matters.

6) Rang De Basanti

‘Rang De Basanti’ tries to create an environment of increased participation on matters of public interest and throws open a debate. The film looks forward to making our country more efficient by taking actions towards it.

7) The Lunch Box

“Kabhi Kabhi Galat Train Bhi Sahi Station Par Pahucha Deti hai” is something that made people believes in watching ‘The Lunch Box’. The legend Irfan Khan had a special talent for breaking down complex things into very simple way making them accessible to the audience. The movie beautifully captures the emptiness of two lives and fills it with sweetness with the stroke of some luck

8) A Wednesday

‘A Wednesday’ stresses the importance of a wake-up call to our government to act towards the safety of its citizens. It stirs a strong message to all the common men not to sit quietly becoming a game of ping pong between the terrorists and the government. It’s high time to get together and ask the system to be accountable to us.

9) Dil Chahta Hai

This movie depicts the huge gravity of friendship in youth. One of those Bollywood movies that changed the dimensions of friendships is a coming of age story. It remains an essential part of everyone’s life because there is so much truth in it no matter how many times we watch it.

10)  Jab We Met

Bollywood films: The lesson that Geet taught us was not to take life too seriously. Her spontaneous character inspires us to love ourselves and be independently refusing to take crap from anyone.

11) Dear Zindagi

‘Dear Zindagi’ takes us on a journey to see what it may be like to experience therapy. This movie promotes the essence of living your life to the fullest accepting all challenges throws your way.

12) Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

This movie is also a perfect binge to watch with your friends. ZNMD teaches us that we live just once but die every day at the hands of our mundane lives. Maybe it’s time to also explore the unexplored and let destiny decide our destination.

13) Dangal

‘Dangal’ shows that women can do anything only if they are supported in the right way. It is a must-watch film that also empowers women to break stereotypes and gender rules. One of the highest-earning films, ‘Dangal’ teaches us not to lose our faith but rather to keep going and becoming successful.

14) My name is Khan

‘My name is Khan’ reminds us to judge others based on their actions rather than their religion. This film is also an emotional rollercoaster where the actors perform an amazing job through their character portrayals.

15) Vicky Donor

Bollywood films: With this movie, Shoojit Sarkar was not only successful in breaking several taboos but also tried educating people on infertility and sperm donation. Marking the debut of Ayushmaan and Yami Gautam, ‘Vicky Donor’ is one of those unique films that is yet appreciated for its witty dialogues and the performances of the actors.
Though these were some, there are many Bollywood movies as such that provide us meaningful lessons. These movies also bring forward various meaningful ways to harness our lives and achieve the unthinkable.

Bollywood films that are here to teach you valuable lessons of life! These movies make you look at the very core of your heart to keep going without any regrets in life.

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