Bollywood Movies And Their Scenes That Stirred The Nation With Shock!

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From Udta Punjab to PK, some of these highest-grossing films created a lot of buzz among the audience. Questions evolving on some of the specific scenes from the movies created a lot of controversies around which eventually brought the film to the limelight. Controversy or not, people will love watching them again and again!

Bollywood Movies And Their Scenes That Stirred The Nation With Shock! The Bollywood industry thrives on controversies. From scenes that had to be cut by the censor board to some that become synonymous with a film. There is no dearth to the debate and discussions that arose out of certain and especially from their scenes. Right from the scenes made to the personal lives of the celebs, controversies spread like a wildfire. With evolving times and digitally advanced platforms, great stories are coming to the forefront with hard-hitting and bold content.

Bollywood Movies And Their Scenes That Stirred The Nation With Shock! Have a look at these Bollywood scenes/ moments from movies that stirred the nation with shock and dismay.

1) Udta Punjab

With ‘Udta Punjab’, the Punjab government was angry over the male protagonist using drugs on screen. And also singing the title track ‘Udta Punjab’ signifying a population high on drugs. The movie spoke about the rampant use of drugs in Punjab. The CFBC wanted to cut out all the references to Punjab as well as the abusive language too. The movie was very successful at the box office, doing business of almost 100 Crore.

2) The Dirty Picture

The Dirty Picture, based on the life of the actress Silk Smitha. The film had Vidya Balan flash her cleavage and her entire body which angered people. The film might have achieved success at the box office but the first look of the film and posters garnered a lot of hate. As per reports, Silk’s brother too sent notices to the makers of the movie for sexualizing her sister.

3) URI: The Surgical Strike

Bollywood Movies: One of the most successful movies of 2019, this Vicky Kushal starrer also faced a lot of controversies. Initially, when the trailer was released, there was a dialogue that offended the people and it was initially trending on social media. This film also faced a lot of criticism. The 2nd trailer of the film finally released where that scene was cut. It replaced the scene with the iconic dialogue (How’s The Josh? High Sir!)

4) Kabir Singh

Bollywood Movies: There were a lot of controversies regarding this movie but the most highlighted one was the slap scene. Kabir is angry with Preeti over their failed meeting with her parents. Kabir slaps Preeti and serves her an ultimatum. This scene received a lot of criticism from everywhere as it borderline promotes violence against women in society.

As per reports, director Sandeep Reddy supports this scene by saying that, when two people are deeply connected to each other in a relationship and they don’t have the liberty to slap each other then I see nothing there. And with this fact, a large section of the people has refrained from watching ‘Kabir Singh’. The slap scene was the most controversial scene in the movie drawing nationwide flak.

On this Shahid Kapoor states that “It’s okay if people don’t like Kabir slapping Preeti, Kabir’s character is nothing as such to be idolized. We never want people to appreciate when he does slap Preeti”. He also adds a logical statement where he says in Bollywood, we only see the villains negative character and traits “We never want to see our heroes doing something different. Actors should be brave enough to play characters who are loved for their stardom and hated for their performance”.

5) Thappad

Before its release it was already trending due to its story line. There was difference in opinions where a section of it appreciated a theme where the other section criticized it. In the movie, a husband slaps his wife and after this their relationship completely changes. Taapsee Pannu claims a divorce from her husband and there were objections regarding her taking this decision just for one slap. This line shows how people normalize physical abuse in our society and that’s why movies like ‘Thappad’ signifies the importance of its release. While was also compared to ‘Kabir Singh’ but in contrast both the movies are completely different and consist of vastly different characters.

6) Gully Boy

We see Alia Bhatt in Safeena’s role who is very short-tempered and high heated in nature. In the movie in an argument, she thrashes a bottle at the Sky’s head. During the initial days of the release, this scene had remained unnoticed. But when the slap scene controversy from Kabir Singh appeared, people started judging Sakina’s character as well. According to the audience, if Kabir is toxic then what is Safeena? Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli also tweeted in favour of the audience against Sakina’s violent trait showed in the movie.

7) Padmaavat

Bollywood Movies: One of the biggest period films in Deepika Padukone’s career. There were a lot of controversies related to this film. Sentiments of certain religious communities in Rajasthan were hurt and they were against the portrayal of history being depicted in the Sanja Leela Bansali. The director and the actress received death threats for apparently playing the queen in the period drama. The Jauhar scene received a lot of criticism and controversy started arising since then. Swara Bhaskar tweeted quite boldly regarding the scene and Deepika replied to her tweet in a very logical way.

8) Rockstar

The song Sadda Haq from ‘Rockstar’ faced the wrath of the censor board because it featured a flag with “Free Tibet” written over it. Eventually, the flags had blurred because it sends a strong political message. Protests by the Students for Free Tibet (SFT) had also staged against the censor board.

9) PK

This movie was highly controversial at the time of its release. There were 5 controversial scenes which created a storm of criticism as it raises questions on religious issues. Several organizations demanded a ban on the film as it hurts some religion and people sentiments. Sushant and Anushka’s romance in the movie also talked about as people tagged it as promoting love Jihad as the two individuals belonging to two different nations. ‘PK’ did a business of more than 340 Crores in the box office and it broke the highest-earning film record back in 2014.

10) Goliyon Ki RaasLeela: Ram Leela

The audience offended to the title of this movie. It apparently hurt the sentiments of the Hindus because the name was based on Hindu Mythology. An FIR filed against Sanjay Leela Bansali, Deepika and Ranveer Singh for the same issue.

11) Barfi

‘Barfi’ created a controversy because it had several scenes copied from Charlie chaplin movies. What meant to be a tribute, seemed like a true copy of scenes from Charlie Chaplin and also the ‘Note Book’

12) Kurbaan

The movie poster was in news which had Kareena Kapoor’s bare back. Members of a political party even sent a saree to Kareena Kapoor. In a press conference however, she refused to comment on the issue. Apart from this, there was a petition against the obscenity in two songs of the movie

13) Rang De Basanti

A scene from this movie had Aamir Khan on a horse. Maneka Gandhi showed objection to this because no permission to use animals in this movie had taken. The scenes had to be cut from the film.

14) My Name Is Khan

This film had faced backlash back in the day. SRKs comment on the participation of certain Pakistan cricketers in IPL displeased the political party Shiv Sena immensely. They went on to demand no release for the film and block ongoing movie screenings. But with SRKs popularity, this movie became one of the biggest hits in his career.

15) Oh My God

With this movie, a controversy arose where the movie hurt the religious sentiments of the Hindus and their rituals. It wasn’t accepted well and the filmmakers were put in a tough position.

16) Lipstick Under My Burkha

The CBFC put views against the bold content shown in this female oriented film. The film shed some light on the discussion of the female fantasies for life and that did not go down to well with the concerned authorities.

17) Hasmukh

Though this is not a movie, when a show creates such controversy, it definitely deserves a spot on our list. ‘Hasmukh’ and its controversy have very serious as a lot of lashing out took place against how lawyers were being portrayed as deceiving thieves, goons and scoundrels in the show. People went on the demand Netflix to ban the show from their platform.

Bollywood Movies And Their Scenes That Stirred The Nation With Shock! The audience will always find reasons to bring down a near-real movie because it bursts their bubble. These were some of the movies that created a lot of buzz with some of their controversial scenes and depictions which made everyone “Haww!”.

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