Manish Malhotra tests positive of COVID-19

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Bollywood fashion icon Manish Malhotra is under home Quarantine after testing positive for coronavirus. 

Late this Friday, Manish Malhotra informed about him testing COVID positive. Apart from the fashion icon, actor Sumeet Vyas also tested positive and is in-home quarantine. Both Manish and Vyas shared the news on Instagram. However, they are following the protocol. Since the previous month, many Bollywood celebrities are in-home quarantined. Lately, the daily news is about the celebs falling for COVID-19. Till now, half of the industry is suffering due to the virus. The recent update is about Manish Malhotra tests positive of COVID-19. Today, he tweets about being in-home quarantine.

Soon after Malhotra shares the news, the whole industry is panicking. However, the well-wishers are praying for a fast recovery. We really hope he gets well soon. Indeed Malhotra was recently in Leela Palace Jaipur. He was busy with his shoot. The market and social media are buzzing over his latest collection. Sumeet Vyas and Manish Malhotra are the recent Celebes on the pipeline who are jabbed by the deadly virus. However, the health risk is reduced with the vaccination. So there is no need to worry much. But the industry needs to keep in mind the safety of the stars.

In 1998 Manish Malhotra stepped into the world of fashion. He earned a lot of fame with couture Reverie. Later he became a costume designer for the Bollywood stars. His designs are a touch of royalty. It is really a piece of sad news that the virus jabbed him. The fans are upset about his health. We are hoping for a speedy recovery for the fashion icon. Moreover he is taking all the prescribed medications to increase his immunity.

Manish in home isolation

Lately, the cases are rising with no limit. Many stars are falling ill, and the industry is now a mess. The shoots are on hold, and the stars are unavailable on sets. However, the new victims of this virus are Manish Malhotra and Sumeet Vyas. Today morning, the fashion icon tweeted about his health. Last night we found out that he tested positive for the virus. He posted a plus sign on his news feed. However, he is in home isolation for a few weeks. Malhotra will recover soon as he is under solid medicines.

Although many places are under night curfew, still the protocol is on hold. Recently, Uri’s actor updated his health status. Vicky Kaushal is negative and is now in better condition. His reports turned out to be normal. He posted a picture of him smiling wide with flashy beard. He was wearing a teal T-shirt. It is a good news that the actor could recover. However, he might need some time to rest before he kick start his work.

Manish Malhotra will keep his upcoming schedule on hold for a few weeks from now. As soon as he recovers from the illness he will kick start his work. Moreover, his Nooraniyat collection is doing well. His work is a piece if art. However, he wrote on his post, about his health and he tested positive.  It is request which every celeb is making, to not let your guard down as the battle is not over yet. We still have a long way to go. All we need is precautions to keep ourselves safe.


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