Sonakshi Sinha reveals her lazy skincare and haircare routine

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The actress shares some of the quick ways to take care of her skin and hair!

Sonakshi Sinha, the beautiful and the talented actress shares some of her skincare tips. She reveals her lazy skincare and hair care routines, talks about her hair fall struggles and the door to her flawless beauty. The actor’s transformation has been an inspiration to many! Let’s have an insight on Sonakshi’s skincare routines and much more.

When asked about her secret to such flawless skin, she reveals that, “I have no secret; I have inherited my mom’s flawless skin and I’m so happy about it. The profession that I am in, most of the time it’s a lot of make-up that we use to look good. Earlier, I barely used any makeup when I was not working so my skin used to breathe, and was happy all the time.”

She shares that after started working, she has started taking care of her skin by “tampering it less”, drinking much water and keeping herself hydrated. The change that she really made is “Moisturising her skin everday”. She loves using ‘Aloevera’ as it’s easy and quick.

Sonakshi Sinha reveals how during the lockdown she took care of her hair. She reveals that she has actually very fine hair. Last year since the lockdown,  she wasn’t applying any chemical or blow-dryer on her hair, eventually oiling it most of the time helped in her hair growth. The Dabangg actress says, “I started oiling my hair, it’s actually grown beyond a level where it never used to, it feels healthier and alive now.” A mixture of coconut and castor-oil has really helped the actress in her hair-growth process.

With her huge weight transformation, she feels that it showed mostly on her hair. It grew thinner and eventually had lesser growth.

One ‘hard thing’ she changed is eventually taking off her make-up before going to bed.

Labelling her as a ‘lazy’ person, Sonakshi feels that “make-up” is overrated. She would choose Eye-liner, matte long-lasting lipstick and concealers as her favourite products if given options.

She really admires ‘Kareena Kapoor Khan’s’ flawless skin.

Sonakshi Sinha has her exciting projects lined up! Stay tuned!

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