Sonu Sood takes an evening bicycle ride to mark student’s victory

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The ‘Brother of the Nation’ fights earnestly for cancelling the Board exams

Sonu Sood, who recently has been appointed as the ‘Brand Ambassador of Punjab’s Covid-19 vaccination drive” is trending over social media for his active role in the state’s vaccination campaign.

The Bollywood actor has consistently tweeted in favour of the cancellation of board exams. Due to the hike in Corona cases across the country, a decision on and cancelling the exams on behalf of the Board was a huge call. After the first wave of the pandemic, the people of the country could savour their lives by keeping faith in these challenging times.

The second wave of the pandemic seems dangerous. Many of the Bollywood stars have also contracted the virus and are under complete home quarantine and rest. Imposing lockdown and its severe guidelines yet are in decision to fight against the virus and save lives. Amidst all these, protecting students and the children of the country seems to be a huge responsibility. Many schools had restarted in many regions, imposing strict guidelines and protocols.

Sonu Sood and his consistent tweets for the cause!

On Monday he tweeted, “This time the Board exams are not for the students but for the authorities. They cancel the exams: They pass. They conduct the exams: They fail. #cancelboardexams2021.Life is precious.”

On Tuesday also, Sonu Sood tweeted, “Don’t let exam centres become Covid hotspots. Students are precious.”

Being the voice on behalf of so many students across the country, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) today cancelled the Board exams. The schedule for the class 10 exams has cancelled whereas the Class 12 exams have been postponed.

Sonu Sood’s tireless efforts for pitching in and on behalf of the students appearing for offline examinations seemed to have been answered. The students took a huge sigh of relief after the Board have also announced their schedule for the examinations.

Sonu congratulated every student on behalf of the Board’s decision with a tweet, “So finally it happened. Congratulations to every student”.

 The actor took to a cycle ride later in the evening to mark the student’s victory. Sonu is also seen riding his bicycle on a rain-soaked Mumbai road with his sports casuals. He wears his bicycling shorts, loose vests and sneakers”.

He also shared this video on his twitter handle.

For such dedicated efforts, many appreciated the actor’s humility and also his kind gesture in supporting the student’s cause in these unprecedented times!

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