Vicky Kaushal On His Best Pick-up Lines and How to Handle Women

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Vicky Kaushal is winning hearts by his talent with his every movie. He made his debut with the several-award winning movie Masaan in 2015. The movie as well as the actors got appreciation by the critics through and through. His journey in these 6 years has evolved immensely and it’s definitely worth it. He also has a series of movies lined up in front of him for the upcoming years. Including Sardar Udham Singh, The Immortal Ashwatthama, Sam Manekshaw biopic and Takht. This year the actor turns 32 , and is on a spree with his upcoming movies.

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Vicky Kaushal pick-up lines, says “I am a man with a pallu!”

When it comes to Popular Men, Vicky Kaushal is definitely on the list. But who knew that Vicky Kaushal gets shy around women? Yes, you heard it right! In an interview, when talked about how do women’s compliment makes him feel, he replied that he melts very quickly. He melts so much, that you could even pour him! Vicky Kaushal said that he’s basically “A man in a pallu” as he gets so shy around women. And when asked how do women approach him, is it subtle or direct? Vicky says, “Sometimes it’s so direct, that it stuns me but sometimes it’s so subtle that i don’t even understand. I am such a failure in subtle moves.” He also says that he’s not someone who uses pick-up lines, but he did hear a cheesy pick-line that made him cringe. Do you what was the pick-up line? It goes like “Is there a bakery around? Because I want to have a cutie-pie like you”.

He also said that once a women asked him if he would like to come to her room, and Vicky had no idea how to respond to that. He just looked at his manager, and she saved him by saying “Vicky we need to go!” and pulled him out of the situation.

Vicky Kaushal’s past relationships

Vicky Kaushal was previously in a relationship with Harleen Sethi. The couple met through a friend, and were instantly in love with each other. They confirmed their relationship to the public eye after a few months of on-going speculations, but sadly they broke up in 2019. Speaking about their break-up, Harleen told the media that people have their own identities and the break-up was a good decision for both of them. Although it is said that Vicky was left heartbroken after his breakup. They had also posted several pictures on social media, looked quite a beautiful couple. But maybe as the saying goes, all good things come to an end, there might have been a solid reason for their split-up.

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Katrina Kaif, Rumoured Girlfriend Or Real Girlfriend?

Katrina Kaif has been embracing single-hood for quite sometime now. Quite sometime as in after her split-up with long-time boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor had left her shattered. But our Kat is strong enough, and she has definitely come out stronger than before. Not only has she been single for a long time now, her perspective on relationships and love are something which inspires you to learn. And we definitely thing Katrina deserves a special and beautiful person with a good heart like her in her life. And this special person might turn out to be Kaushal.

Vicky Kaushal Receives an Early Birthday Gift this Year! Check it out here!

The two also did an episode together in Tapecast Season 2. This is the first time, when both were seen together on-screen, talking about their interests, and thoughts on films, family, their career and relationships in B-town. They also said that the platform was a good place to know each other. Katrina and Vicky Kaushal shared a lot of laughs as well, and seemed to have a good time together. They also talk about their mistakes in the early stage of their career.

Together in Health and Sickness?

Furthermore, coincidently Vicky Kaushal’s rumoured girlfriend Katrina Kaif also made an announcement that she is Covid positive. And that too just the day after Vicky’s announcement. Something is definitely fishy, don’t you think so? The speculations and rumours of these two beautiful people as a couple started after Katrina made a statement on Karan’s Talk Show. The statement being “I would like to work with him(Vicky Kaushal), because I think we would look good together”. And there are a number of occasions when both the actors were at the same party or place at the same time. These occasions have given spark to the rumours, although none of them have either denied or given a nod to these speculations.

Vicky Kaushal and his upcoming project on hold!

Although his upcoming projects came to a halt when he tested Covid positive. He shared this disheartening news on 5th April 2021 on his Instagram handle. Fans were disheartened by this news and wished a speedy recovery to the actor. And it seems their blessings and wishes that poured in, worked! On 16th of April, that’s exactly 10 days later from his announcement of him being Covid Positive; Vicky announced that he has tested negative. Fans as well as many other from the Bollywood Industry were relieved to hear this good news. And it seems Vicky Kaushal has already got his birthday gift, and that too a lot earlier than expected. The gift being the blessings and wishes from his fans.

Coming back to the gift, Vicky Kaushal definitely got an early gift from his fans, the blessings and wishes for speedy and healthy recovery. Do you think Vicky Kaushal will receive a birthday gift from his “girlfriend” this year? If yes, what do you think the special gift from the special person might be?

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